Journalist says parts of Sudan’s capital are now ‘almost unrecognizable’


Foreign journalists have mostly been unable to gain access amid Sudan’s ongoing civil war. But New York Times Africa bureau chief Declan Walsh was able to travel across the country for several weeks and told The World what he saw on the ground.

Hospitals in the US mainland are facing shortages of IV fluids and medicine because of Hurricane Maria's damage to Puerto Rico.

Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. Then it caused a ripple effect in mainland hospitals.

Aleppo residents walk past a burnt bus in the city's rebel-held Seif al-Dawla neighborhood.

Driving without headlights in besieged eastern Aleppo

Civil defense members carry a casualty after an airstrike in the rebel held area of al-Sukari in Aleppo.

A Chicago surgeon recounts a nightmarish journey through Aleppo

Aaraveeti Ramayogaiah

This doctor has written thousands of postcards to get health advice to India’s poor

Hussein Mohamed, originally from Ethiopia, runs a radio show for African immigrants in his hometown of Atlanta.

An Atlanta radio host wants people to stop stigmatizing Africans over Ebola


Hussein Mohamed hosts a radio show called Sagal Radio in Atlanta. His show is aimed at issues relating to the immigrant community from Africa, and he says one of them is the danger that Ebola is making people suspicious of all Africans.