‘He was killed with no justification’: In the West Bank, a Palestinian family grieves the death of their oldest son

Israel-Hamas war

As war continues in Gaza, Israelis and Palestinians are also fighting. A recent Israeli military raid on a Palestinian refugee camp killed at least 10 people. Israel said it was a counterterrorism operation against Hamas. The raid led to a general strike staged by Palestinians across the West Bank where, since Oct. 7, 2023, tensions and violence have increased. 

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Palestinians celebrate a new generation of West Bank militants 

As Gaza burns, some West Bankers are calling for a third intifada


Palestinian prisoners represent lightning rod issue for both Israelis and Palestinians

On eve of Obama’s visit, Palestinians press case for electing their own president

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Palestinian protesters take page from Israeli settlers’ book

Palestinian protesters fed up with Israeli settlements going up on Palestinian-owned land are trying a new tactic. They’re building settlements, out of tents and shacks, first. So far they haven’t lasted but, really, that’s not the point.

Best hope for Palestinian economic growth, a political solution with Israel

Palestine’s economy suffers under the weight of the long-running Israeli occupation. And while it’s resumed growth, that growth is tied to foreign aid. Economists say to achieve true stability, it needs a vibrant private sector economy — and that requires a peace agreement with Israel.

Palestinian Prisoners: A Sticking Point Between Israel and Palestinians

Conflict & Justice

Samer Issawi had been on a hunger strike for more than 200 days while in an Israeli prison. Issawi is one of the nearly 5,000 Palestinians being jailed in Israeli prisons for various charges. The World’s Matthew Bell reports.

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The State of the Palestinian Economy

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At first glance, the Palestinian economy appears to be booming: People are out on the streets, and small shops are packed. But the territory is under Israeli military control, and heavily dependent upon international aid.

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Murders prompt new settlement in West Bank

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The World’s Matthew Bell reports that the Israeli government has announced new Jewish settlement construction in the West Bank. The announcement came after five members of an Israeli family were stabbed to death over the weekend in a West Bank settlement.