Cape Town

An engineering professor in South Africa challenged his students to come up with a way to prevent devastating shack fires that displace thousands. One of them came up with this fire detector, Lumkani, that can alert a neighborhood.

A little blue box that might help save thousands of homes in South Africa


A one-time engineering student has created a battery-operated device that provides a community-wide alert for fire in South African townships.


When graduating from high school, even top students need guidance

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Sive (SEE-vay), a South African high school student, enjoys his new couch.

A South African teen receives an unexpected gift from America

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The World

Video: Learning to Succeed

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School Year Blog: Why South African students are afraid to cut class

School Year Blog: Why South African students are afraid to cut class

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Students at COSAT.

These South African girls are inspired by Malala, even without a Nobel Prize

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High school girls in South Africa know of Malala Yousafzai, the 16-year-old advocate of girl’s education in Pakistan, and find her inspiring.

Tandie chats with The World's audience on Facebook.

South African teen explains what it’s like to be kind of famous in America

Anders Kelto talks to a South African high school student about her Facebook chat with World listeners.

Seniors pose at the COSAT prom

School Year Blog: Crashing the ultimate fashion show, a South African prom

I was told that proms are a big deal in South Africa — particularly in low-income, black townships. But nothing could have prepared me for the fashion show I witnessed.

Tandie all dressed up for the prom.

From the shacks to the prom, a South African girl’s night of glamour

See the makeover that transforms a poor and smart South African Cinderella into a beauty queen for a night. By day, she’s a student in a remarkable science and tech high school that lifts kids from a poor township near Cape Town into a better life.

Should South African High Schools Distribute Free Condoms?

School Year Blog: Should South African High Schools Distribute Free Condoms?

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Schools are supposed to exercise ‘universal precautions’ to prevent transmission of HIV. Does that include giving out condoms?