Two French journalists escape Syria

The French President Nicolas Sarkozy has confirmed that the French journalists Edith Bouvier and William Daniels have escaped from Syria and are safe in Lebanon.

Sarkozy made the announcement during a news conference held on the sidelines of a European Union summit in the Belgian capital Brussels, AFP reports.

"I have just spoken with Edith Bouvier, who is naturally exhausted, having suffered hugely but she knows she is free and that she will soon be taken care of," Sarkozy is quoted as saying.

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Bouvier, a freelance reporter for the French Le Figaro newspaper, and Daniels, her photographer, had been in the Baba Amr district of Homs during a monthlong siege. 

Associated Press says there had been growing concerns over their fate since Bouvier was injured in a government rocket attack that killed American-born journalist Marie Colvin and French photographer Remi Ochlik last week. 

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A videotaped message showing the journalist detailing her injuries and pleading for help in getting from Homs to Lebanon was posted on the internet a few days later.

France 24 spoke to an unnamed member of Bouvier's family who confirmed  he had been contacted by French officials to confirm that the 31-year-old journalist had arrived in Lebanon and was on her way to a Beirut hospital.  He said Bouvier was “fine” and that the family was “happy and relieved”.

Bouvier is to be flown back to France on a government plane as early as Thursday evening if doctors agree, Reuters says.

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