Syria steps up Homs shelling campaign after UN General Assembly vote (VIDEO)

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Syria intensified bombing of Homs early Friday in what activists said was the "worst" since the campaign began two weeks ago. The escalation began a day after the United Nations voted to condem the regime of Bashar al-Assad in a nonbinding resolution. After the vote, China dispatched a diplomat to Syria to discuss the political tension. The envoy is expected to arrive today.

"Government forces on the outskirts of Homs have yet to make a big push on the ground to wipe out all resistance, as they have promised to do," the BBC reported. The Homs shelling has gone on for nearly two weeks as Syrian armed forces try to clear neighborhoods that are strongholds of the Free Syrian Army. "On Friday, shells were hitting the districts of Baba Amr, Inshaat, Bayada and Khaldiya," the BBC said. 

CNN was on the scene in Homs early Friday and reported: "The bombardment left the streets deserted and many too scared to leave their homes. Those who ventured out feared snipers or government tanks. Inside some damaged homes was the evidence of families that had hastily fled, leaving behind clothes, children's shoes and toys."

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In a televised speech on Thursday, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah accused Lebanon's pro-West March 14 coalition of arming Syria's opposition, according to the Daily Star. "Do Syria’s laws permit you to send arms and play off the Syrians against each other? I call on you to stay calm," Nasrallah said.

Below is a video of the new shelling campaign in Homs. 

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