Protests spread to Syrian embassies worldwide

In reaction to a failed UN motion and reports of further civilian deaths, a protest that started outside the Syrian embassy in Cairo quickly spread to global capitals in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Australia on Saturday.

In Cairo, protesters broke into the Syrian embassy, smashed furniture and computers and started a fire, Reuters said.

The action came in reaction to a reported massacre in Homs, Syria. President Bashar al-Assad’s forces are said to have bombed neighborhoods and killed more than 200.

There is also anger in the Syrian community after Russia and China blocked a UN resolution that called for Assad to resign.

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Protesters in Cairo chanted "God you are so strong, help us secure victory over Bashar," Reuters said.

Through social media, people gathered outside Syrian embassies from Canberra to Washington.

“We are going to raid #Syria'n embassies around the world,” read a tweet from Alexander Page, a self-described political activist and citizen journalist. “This is our duty to our people; they are being massacred right now.”

Protests in London’s Belgrave Square injured two police officers and resulted in a few arrests, BBC said.

"We don't know what message the Syrian regime is giving out with this massacre today – given the UN Security Council vote,” Syrian student Anass Toma told BBC. “We don't really understand what they're doing. But we must stop the bloodshed in Syria."

About 150 people gathered in London, with police arresting five for breaking into the Syrian embassy and a sixth for assaulting a police officer, The Associated Press said.

Outside the Syrian embassy in Washington, dozens gathered and shouted “Syria will soon be free.”

Similar events erupted in Ankara, Athens, Berlin and Tripoli, where police arrested a few dozen.

Australia was the scene of another break-in, the Herald Sun said. Vandals caused extensive damage, but didn’t hurt three embassy workers inside.

In Sydney, groups yelled "Down, down to China … Down, down to Russia.”

Officers were hurt as demonstrators hurled rocks through windows and raised a Syrian flag in Kuwait, the AP said.

"A few young guys with rage inside them" splashed red paint on the embassy walls in Ottawa, Sun Media reported.

"This embassy is dirty with the blood of civilians killed in Syria," Abdullah al-Haj said, according to the Sun. "It's a massacre."

Protesters carried posters with images of the Homs slaughter. Al-Haj told reporters he wants the Canadian government to take an active role in a global intervention.

"The whole world is watching," al-Haj told the Sun, "and nothing is happening."

The UN estimates as many as 5,400 people have died since violence began last year in Syria. The government denied killing in Homs, BBC said, and said "armed gangs and terrorists" have killed 2,000 security forces.

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