Live feed from Syria gives window into crackdown (VIDEO)

Yesterday this blog posted an embedded livestream video from the flashpoint Syrian city of Homs, currently under intense bombardment from government forces, according to reports

Later on Tuesday, the livestream was taken down, severing the broadcast and disabling our video and link to the feed. 

The user, a resident of Homs, is broadcasting again from the neighborhood of Baba Amr, which has seen some of the heaviest shelling. 

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GlobalPost will link to the user's list of broadcasts on the social media site, Bambuser, here. (You do not have to join the site in order to view the broadcasts). 

Please note that the livestreams offer raw, unedited footage of an assault on a populated, urban Syrian city. While the feeds show a simple, but powerful, shot of the city's landscape, the sounds of exploding shells, gun-fire and other weapons are unmistakable.

In yesterday's broadcast, Homs residents, including children, could be heard yelling, screaming, shouting "God is great!" throughout the feed.

The Syrian government of President Bashar Al Assad has racheted up its campaign against restive, anti-regime towns and the newly-established rebel group, the Free Syria Army (FSA), in recent days.

The onslaught has sparked a flurry of diplomatic activity and prompted analysts and officials, including from the US, to weigh-in on options for a western-led military intervention. 

GlobalPost has a correspondent in the Syrian capital, Damascus. 

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