Isaías “Borrof” de Oliveira Cabral: Drug trafficker Nem’s right-hand man arrested in Rio

SÃO PAULO, Brazil — Isaías "Borrof" de Oliveira Cabral, 48, right-hand man to drug trafficker Nem, was arrested in Rio's Morro dos Macacos favela on Monday, reported Jornal do Brasil.

Still considered no. 22 on the hierarchy of drug traffickers in the north-end slum, Borrof now lives in Mauá and works as a fisherman, according to Jornal do Brasil. He is allied with another well-known dealer, Scooby, and is also a confidante of Nem, the drug trafficker who was arrested days before police raided Rio's Rocinha favela last November.

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Borrof was found by police around 6 a.m. in the Rio de Janeiro neighbourhood of Mauá, in the Jardim da Paz area, according to Globo TV's news site G1. According to Brazilian military police, he fled to Rocinha in the south of Rio when Morro dos Macacos was taken over by police. He then hid in Baixada Fluminense where he worked as a fisherman.

Police said the suspect, who had an outstanding warrant for his arrest, did not react when he was taken into custody, reported Brazilian news site iG. A tip line had offered a reward of R$1000 (around $575) for anyone who had information about Borrof that would lead to his arrest.

Everton Firmo Mesquita, 30, better known as Brigão, another former-drug trafficker in Morro dos Macacos, was also arrested, according to Brazilian news site Terra. He was celebrating his niece's birthday when police took him into custody. Mesquita had fled the favela just before the police raid last year, evading arrest until now.

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