IAEA ends new round of talks in Iran

BEIRUT, Lebanon — International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors concluded a three-day mission to Iran on Tuesday, but did not visit any of the alleged nuclear enrichment sites, the BBC reported.

The Iranian state news agency, Fars, said the talks were “constructive."

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Reuters reported: "Western diplomats have often accused Iran of using offers of dialogue as a stalling tactic while it presses ahead with its nuclear program, and say they doubt whether Tehran will show the kind of concrete cooperation the IAEA wants."

The Iran-funded Arabic news channel, al Alam, said that "technical and legal issues were discussed during the talks" but the inspectors didn’t see any of the enrichment sites, Reuters said

The Associated Press reported that the United Nations team had no comment on the news from Iran, or when the next meeting would be. The BBC reported that the next visit, which was not specified by the Fars report, is expected to be “next month.”

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Western countries are concerned that Iran is using its uranium enrichment program to produce fuel for nuclear weapons, not power generation as Tehran claims. A new wave of sanctions, most recently a European Union embargo on Iranian oil sales, is thought to have caused Iran to agree to the newest round of talks.

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