Greece: Fired factory worker takes former colleagues hostage

A man armed with a shotgun is holding two of his former colleagues hostage at a factory in north-east Greece, the Associated Press reported.

Police told the news agency the man had shot and wounded two others at the Helesi factory in Komotini.

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Both casualties have been taken to hospital, where their condition is not said to be life-threatening.

Two more employees remain captive at the factory, however, where police are attempting to negotiate with the gunman, according to the BBC.

Police said the attacker was fired from the factory, which makes plastic trash cans, eight months ago, Athens News reported. He is reportedly in his 60s and, though his motives are not clear, is suspected to be seeking his job back.

The company recently laid off around half of its 300 employees amid Greece's ongoing recession, the BBC said.

A member of management was one of the people shot. The two hostages are said to be company drivers.

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