German prosecutor shot dead by convicted embezzler as sentence is read (VIDEO)


A German businessman convicted of embezzlement shot and killed a prosecutor at his sentencing hearing Wednesday in the southern German state of Bavaria.

The BBC reported that the 54-year-old man pulled out a 6.35-caliber gun as his sentence was being read in the Dachau courtroom, first firing at the judge before shooting the prosecutor.

Two witnesses in the courtroom overpowered the man, who was then arrested and charged with murder, they added, Reuters reported.

The man had been accused of defrauding his employees by failing to pay 44,000 euros ($56,000) worth of national insurance contributions.

The 31 year-old prosecutor, who had just started working at the court, was reportedly hit three times, in the arm, stomach and shoulder.

He was rushed to hospital but died of his wounds, Reuters reported.

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