Extra Credit: Learning from the Popsicle Stick Master

Studio 360

David Hrobowski is a master crafter. His medium of choice? The humble popsicle stick. David has pushed the limits of this craft store staple, using it to build tables, sculptural chairs, and even an elaborate Christmas tree. Take David's lead and craft your own entry for Nick Offerman's Ultimate Popsicle Stick Throwdown. A few prompts for inspiration: bratwurst, puzzles, masonry, fishing, Wilco, the Hoover Dam, and America. Go forth and glue!

Kurt Andersen: So what's the first thing you ever made out of popsicle sticks?

David Hrobowski: Well actually the thing that led to all of this was that I made a lamp and shade when I was nine. I was home in bed with the flu or chicken pox or something and my neighbor brought over some popsicle sticks and glue to occupy my time. Fast forward to 2006. I bought some popsicle sticks and tried to recreate the lamp that I remembered when I was nine but another lamp came out of me, one that was more ambitious.

I understand that your dream, your goal, is to now literally replace all the furniture in your house with popsicle stick furniture?

Yeah, I think that would be rather novel.