Music Heard on Air for October 24, 2013

The World
The World

Tunes played between segments on The World for October 24, 2013 include songs by the following artists:

SONG: Tallest Heights
ARTIST: Delicate Steve
CD TITLE: Positive Force
CD LABEL: Luka Bop

SONG: The Nuyorican Express
ARTIST: Nickodemus
CD TITLE: Moon People

SONG: Below the Bassline
ARTIST: Ernest Ranglin
CD TITLE: Putumayo Presents Music From the Coffee Lands
CD LABEL: Putumayo World Music

SONG: No Buredi (No Bread)
ARTIST: Nneka, Sinkane, Amayo + Superhuman Happiness
CD TITLE: Red Hot + Fela

SONG: Rockin’ In Rhythm
ARTIST: Richard Thompson
CD TITLE: Strict Tempo!
CD LABEL: Omnivore Recordings

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