Obama in the Mideast

The World

Obama has been trying to shore up his foreign policy credentials with the Jewish-American voters, which is why he traveled to the southern Israeli town of Sterrot. The town has been under attack by crude missile attacks from Hamas which rarely kill but keep the town in a state of fear. Obama met with the mayor as well as an injured boy. McCain was here in March as well, where his hawkish record was a big hit. Obama is facing an uphill climb in Israel, as comments he made earlier this year to a pro-Israeli lobby group�that Jerusalem would be the undivided capitol of the Jewish State even though the US has never recognized the annex of east Jerusalem�were seen as controversial. He was asked to clarify his comments again today. Obama also reiterated his support for Israel’s right to defend itself. Iran also came up in his talks with Israeli leaders. The same issues followed Obama to the West Bank. This Palestinian man hasn’t forgotten the comments on east Jerusalem either. This doctor in Palestine says Obama is welcome in Palestine. But for the most part Palestinians had a pessimistic take, and some said all US presidents are all the same.

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