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Listen up for today’s Geo Quiz…here’s your first clue.

So — was it jet flying by? Or maybe an ocean wave hitting the beach.

A few more clues are in order to help you guess the location of this sound for our quiz today. Imagine this is what you’d hear sitting on the rim of the crater of an active volcano.

Mount YasurMount Yasur

The volcano is Mount Yasur. The crater at the summit spans 1300 hundred feet. Several times an hour, this volcano puts on a fiery show. But not too fiery — so if you’re brave or perhaps foolish enough, you can climb right up close. And for that reason, it’s said to be the most accessible volcano anywhere.

It’s been erupting for centuries. European explorer Captain James Cook noted the glowing lava back in 1774 when he sailed into Sulphur Bay. Sulphur Bay puts us somewhere east of Australia, but west of Fiji, and south of the Solomons.

It puts us in fact on a volcanic island nation in the South Pacific — whose capital is Port Vila.

Ready to name the place?

Here’s one last blast to send you off in style.

The Mount Yasur volcano is located on Tanna Island.

Mount YasurMount Yasur

It’s one of the 82 islands that make up the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu, the answer to our Geo Quiz.

Today’s Geo Quiz sounds came courtesy of Berlin based sound artist Andreas Bick. There’s more info about his radio art here:

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