Shad Smith

The World
Remember Bloodsport? That bold 1988 Jean-Claude Van Damme movie dared to ask: who would win in a fight: a kickboxer or a wrestler? A boxer or an evil ninja? Well, Van Damme was onto something. In the past fifteen years, mixed-martial arts tournaments have gone from being underground brawls to earning millions through DVD sales and pay-per-view events... and they're about to be on in primetime. But what does it take for a person to enter a ring where there are few, if any rules? Shad Smith has that information. He's a mixed-martial arts fighter with a professional record of nine wins, nine losses, and two draws, and he was profiled in the most recent New York Times Sunday Magazine. Shad Smith speaks with Brian Donovan on Fair Game. Shad is sponsored by Tapout extreme fighting clothing.
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