Calls to investigate the death of a Bangladeshi writer and critic

UN Human Rights Chief Michelle Bachelet is calling attention to the fate of two men in prison in Bangladesh: writer Mushtaq Ahmed, and political cartoonist Ahmed Kabir Kishore. They were both arrested last year under a law that critics say limits free speech. Last week, Mushtaq Ahmed died in prison. Bachelet wants his death investigated, and she’s expressed concern over Kishore’s condition. Kishore was last seen in court a week ago, and appeared underweight and weak. That’s a description from Terry Anderson, who leads Cartoonists Rights Network International, a group that helps satirists when they are persecuted by their governments. Anderson speaks with host Marco Werman, from Glasgow, Scotland.UPDATE:During Tuesday’s broadcast of The World, Host Marco Werman spoke with Terry Anderson about Ahmed Kabir Kishore, who was arrested 10 months ago for cartoons that criticized his government’s handling of the pandemic (listen above). On Wednesday, Bangladesh’s High Court granted bail to Kishore because of concerns over his health. Kishore’s lawyer told the court that his client had been tortured and has injuries to his ear and right leg. According to a statement released by Terry Anderson, “Ahmed Kabir Kishore is not yet safe. I expect him to be released without further harm … And demand that his allegations of torture be impartially and independently investigated.”

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