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A woman's two feet and her hands are pictured as she holds a yellow soccer ball.

Sacked, shunned and suicidal: Cameroon sports stars battle anti-gay laws

Few countries are as assiduous in applying them as Cameroon, whose penal code punishes “sexual relations between persons of the same sex” with up to five years in prison.

A woman with her back turned to the camera cooks while lookers-on watch from behind a raised counter.

In UK, North Korean defectors raise awareness with Lunar New Year Feast

Marie Kondo speaks during an interview

Marie Kondo’s show shines spotlight on women’s unpaid labor

Human bones are laid out on a blue cloth. Behind them is a photo of them in the earth

Rare gems in skeleton’s teeth challenges thinking about Medieval women

Saudi woman dressed in black robe walks behind a man wearing all white.

‘Niqab under my foot’ — Saudi women step on veils in online protest

Women & Gender
A woman is shown with a colorful purple and white scarf over her head and her hand held against her face.

Satellites to survivors: 5 goals for the anti-slavery fight in 2019

From technology such as satellite imagery, decent jobs for survivors and stronger action from companies and governments, here are five priorities for the global anti-slavery movement in 2019.

A Venezuelan migrant girl wearing a pink sweater with a heart on it, is shown heading to the exit of a makeshift camp with her belongings in Bogota, Colombia.

Latin America grapples with migrant exodus that looks set to worsen in 2019

Global Politics

The crisis in Venezuela is threatening to overwhelm Colombia and other countries in South America and is likely to test their good will in 2019 as migration and asylum claims from other Latin America nations pick up.

People stand with signs supporting sex worker rights -- "end poverty, not prostitution," and other signs.

Sex workers say Tumblr’s explicit image ban makes their jobs more dangerous

Women & Gender

The microblogging site had an online hub for sex workers to advertise services and make contact with clients before meeting them in person.

A group of Tanzanians wearing bright colorful clothes ride in a boat.

Nearly swallowed by the sea, a small island in Tanzania fights against climate change

Climate Change

First, the encroaching sea started eating away at homes and killing crops on the small island of Kisiwa Panza. Then the rising tides began bringing up the dead.


In India, ‘Day Zero’ is every day as water taps run dry

Nearly 163 million people among India’s population of 1.3 billion — or more than one in 10 — lack access to clean water close to their home, according to a 2018 WaterAid report. That is the most of any country in the world.