Michael Bronner


Michael Bronner’s investigative writing spans print and broadcast journalism, as well as screenwriting, producing and directing. His work has been recognized with a Peabody Award, the Edward R. Murrow Award for Investigative Reporting, several Emmy nominations and the Society of Silurians’ “President’s Choice Award” for a Vanity Fair expose based on never-before-heard NORAD recordings from the 9/11 attack. Bronner spent formative years with the weekday edition of CBS News/60 Minutes, covering the Iraq war, Guantanamo, the first inklings of rendition, the tsunami in Indonesia and the end of public housing in Chicago, among others. He has been a contributor to Vanity Fair since 2005. On the film side, Bronner was a co-producer on the Universal Pictures/Working Title feature film “Green Zone” about Iraq and an associate producer on the Oscar-nominated “United 93.”