Michael Rass

Web Producer

Michael Rass was a web producer at PRI's The World.

Michael Rass left PRI's The World in 2014.

Makeshift memorial in Kiev

Russia is not happy with the dramatic change in Ukraine

Conflict & Justice

Ukraine has dramatically changed in just one week and Moscow is upset about the “armed mutiny.”

Escaping Homs

Many of those trapped in the Syrian city of Homs are finally getting out

Conflict & Justice
Swiss referendum on immigration

The Swiss crackdown on ‘mass’ immigration angers many of its European neighbors

Global Politics
Syrian rebel fighters

A new Frontline documentary covers the ‘second front’ in Syria between rebels and jihadists

Conflict & Justice
Paul Varadian

The Olympics are launching small-town Sochi into an international sports-hosting future

Syrian refugees children

Syrian refugees move into Bulgaria, after losing hope of returning home

Conflict & Justice

As the Syrian war continues, hope is waning in the refugee camps in neighboring countries. Some Syrians who fled to Turkey are now heading into Bulgaria to start new lives. And Bulgarians are growing weary and wary of welcoming them.

US luger sliders

The new Olympic luge relay race has three sleds, four racers and a touchpad


Luge racing is odd enough, as athletes fly down an icy tunnel on their backs on a tiny sled. Now, line up three sleds and a touchpad at the finish line and you get the luge relay, debuting at this winter Olympics.


The protest movement in Ukraine appears to be gaining steam

Global Politics

After a deadly turn earlier in the week, opposition leaders have brokered a temporary truce with President Viktor Yanukovych. But the protest movement has move beyond Independence Square.

Pro-European protesters take cover behind shields during clashes with riot police in Kiev January 22, 2014. Ukraine opposition leaders said on Wednesday there had been no concrete results from their talks with President Viktor Yanukovich to end weeks of s

Photos from the fiery streets of Kiev show a country on edge

Global Politics

The once peaceful protests in Kiev are no more. Riot police are firing on protesters and protesters are throwing gasoline bombs. Some says it could get worse.

Googoosha (Gulnara Karimova)

Is Uzbekistan’s tweeting first daughter a rebel?

Global Politics

Gulnara Karimova is the daughter of the leader of Uzbekistan, a pop-star, a businesswoman and even a diplomat. But now she, it seems, is locked in a power struggle. And the drama is playing out on Twitter.