Jessica Phelan and Geoffrey Cain

North Korea threatens to cancel Korean War truce


North Korea has vowed to disregard the 1953 truce that ended the Korean War, in response to South Korea’s joint military drills with the US.

North Korea blames US, South Korea for ‘intensive’ cyberattacks


North Korean intelligence agency blamed for South Korea cyberattack

North Korea sentences US national Kenneth Bae to 15 years’ hard labor

North Korea could eventually develop long-range nuclear missile, Pentagon says

North Korea denies US prisoner Kenneth Bae is bargaining chip

North Korea says it won’t use prisoner Kenneth Bae as leverage with the US, but analysts suspect Pyongyang may be bluffing.

UN panel to investigate North Korea gulags for crimes against humanity

The United Nations has appointed a team of investigators to seek evidence of possible torture, executions and forced labor in North Korea.

North Korea sees surge of drug-resistant tuberculosis


Drug-resistant TB is the latest health crisis to strike North Korea, where medical progress has suffered under Western sanctions.

North Korea claims American Kenneth Bae led Christian plot to overthrow regime

Kenneth Bae, a Korean-American jailed in North Korea, was detained for attempting to spread propaganda that called for the regime’s overthrow, according to Pyongyang.

North Korean escapees forced to return home, to rights groups’ concern

Nine young North Korean refugees were forcibly returned to Pyongyang after escaping to Laos.