Anna Nemtsova

Activists of the "Young Medics of Russia" social organization and city volunteers form a red ribbon

While the Russian government looks away, AIDS spreads quickly


In Russia, the stigma around AIDS is so strong it has hindered response and allowed the disease to spread.

First Lady Melania Trump

Many in Melania Trump’s native Slovenia wonder why their country goes unmentioned

Russian police detain female protesters

Russia’s women protesters face rough treatment at hands of police

Olga Tochenaya on a police bus during anti-corruption protests in Russia

Russian feminists take on a big role in protests

East Point mayor Teona Chikladze has come to symbolize a feminist movement in Georgia

Georgian feminists are beacons of light in a region darkening for women

Elderly women beg for money near traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs "Pysanky."

Ukrainian women find themselves bearing the cost of endless war


With 1.8 million internal refugees, Ukraine is grappling daily with a border war with Russia that the world has forgotten.

A woman walks in the snow in Moscow December 26, 2011.

In Russia, activists push to enact more protections against domestic violence


Thousands of women are shot, thrown out of the windows or beaten to death by their family members in Russia, which has domestic violence rates upwards of 30 times higher than most European and Western countries.

Decision to Grant Snowden Asylum: ‘Most Russians Support it’

Global Politics

To hear how Russians view the decision to grant American intelligence leaker Edward Snowden asylum, we turn to Anna Nemtsova, a correspondent for Newsweek and The Daily Beast based in Moscow, Russia. She says most Russians support the decision.

Toxic Turmoil at the Bolshoi

Arts, Culture & Media

Sergei Filin was viciously attacked with acid last week. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with journalist Anna Nemtsova in Moscow about the latest on the investigation and the reportedly toxic atmosphere at the Bolshoi.