Truth Gap Emerges as White House Attempts to Conceal President Trump’s Full Medical Picture 2020-10-05

Truth Gap Emerges as White House Attempts to Conceal President Trump’s Full Medical Picture

The president’s sudden hospitalization has led to a yawning truth gap between what the White House knows about his condition and what the media and the public know.

Amid Trump’s COVID Diagnosis, A Look Back at Presidential Health in the White House

There’s a long history of health concerns in the White House, both physical and mental.

A Votar: Exploring the Issues that Matter Most to Latinos in the 2020 Election

The Takeaway kicks off our series, “A Votar: A Look at Latino Voters in the 2020 U.S. Election,” with a look at what polling data can tell us about the Latino electorate. 

The Underground Railroad Helping Slaves Escape…to Mexico

We take a look at this little-known history, of how slaves escaped to Mexico.

How “Learning Pods” Could Heighten Inequities in the U.S. School System 2020-08-03


Reckoning with Race in Public Media 2020-07-09

Reckoning with Race in Public Media

In the midst of a nationwide push for racial justice, public media is having a reckoning of its own.

What Does the Latest SCOTUS Decision Mean for Birth Control Access?

In a 7-2 decision, the court upheld a Trump administration regulation allowing employers to deny contraceptive coverage to workers based on religious or moral grounds. 

What is the Business Side of Developing a Vaccine?

The world is waiting for a COVID-19 vaccine and the US government is spending billions of dollars to develop one. 

‘Much Mucho Amor’ Director on the Life of Legendary Astrologer Walter Mercado

Cristina Costantini, co-director of a new documentary about Walter Mercado, joins The Takeaway to discuss the famed astrologer’s life and legacy.

What Will COVID-19 Mean for Higher Education in the Fall? The Takeaway-2020-07-08

What Will COVID-19 Mean for Higher Education in the Fall?

Colleges and universities across the U.S. are grappling with when and how to reopen in the upcoming school year, amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.  

Judges Around the Country Have Troubling Records, Yet They Still Serve on the Bench

A new Reuters investigation looks at the lack of accountability judges face for misconduct.

How Has Social Media Become So Divisive?

Shoshana Zuboff, author of “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism,” joined the Takeaway to discuss the role of social media in society and how it became the juggernaut it is today. 

Will Coronavirus Put a Stop to the 2020 Baseball Season?

Major League Baseball’s opening day is fast approaching but will the virus keep that from happening?  

How the Spread of COVID-19 Could Impacted the Treatment of Other Global Diseases 2020-04-20

How the Spread of COVID-19 Could Impacted the Treatment of Other Global Diseases

As the treatment of COVID-19 takes precedent throughout the world, some experts worry that other global health initiatives will fall to the wayside. 

The Pandemic is a Mass Traumatic Event

The coronavirus pandemic could leave millions of people with post-traumatic stress disorder, from first responders on the ground to those forced to quarantine at home.

Does Biden’s Climate Plan Go Far Enough To Win Over Progressives?

Biden’s climate platform was consistently ranked lower by environmental groups compared to progressive candidates. Environmentalsts are now asking Biden to shift left on climate.

In the Midst of a Global Pandemic, Tornado Outbreaks Devastate the South

Storms continue to strike the south leaving destruction in their wake.  How will they fare while also dealing with a pandemic?

Writer Jason Reynolds on Engaging Kids Through Literature from Home

As parents and guardians across the country know, it’s not always easy to keep kids engaged through online and distance learning. But writer Jason Reynolds wants to help.

House Managers Begin Their Case Against President Trump 2020-01-23

House Managers Begin Their Case Against President Trump

Each of the seven House managers will present different aspects of the case.

Women are Leading Protests Against Controversial Citizenship Law in India

In India, people are still protesting a law passed over a month ago that many see as discriminatory against Muslims because it grants citizenship based on religion.

Glenn Greenwald Responds to Accusations of Cybercrimes by the Brazilian Government

The Brazilian government alleges that Greenwald helped hack the cellphones of public officials. Greenwald joins The Takeaway to discuss the charges against him.

The Threats That Journalists Face for Reporting on the Government

As civil unrest and protests have grown, in places like Hong Kong, Chile, and Lebanon, governments have cracked down on reporters as well as protesters.

The Rise of “Abortion Reversal” Laws

In 2019, the U.S. saw an unprecedented number of laws aimed at limiting people’s right to abortion.

Despite Billions in Aid, Farm Bankruptcies Are on the Rise 2019-12-30

Despite Billions in Aid, Farm Bankruptcies Are on the Rise

Farm bankruptcies are up 24 percent from last year, the highest level the farming industry has seen since 2011.

It Could Be Another 257 Years Before Women Are Paid the Same as Men

That’s 50 years longer than what was predicted just last year. 

The Highs and Lows of 2019 Movies

Film critic Rafer Guzman weighs in on some overlooked highlights from 2019, and also talks about his least favorite movies of the year.

Aung San Suu Kyi’s Fall From Grace: Nobel Peace Prize to Denying Genocide 

The leader of Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi, has become the first Noble Peace Prize winner to defend against accusations of genocide. 

New Copyrighted Works Entering the Public Domain in 2020

A new batch of copyrighted material will enter the public domain on New Year’s Day. 

Podcast: Diplomats, Experts Convene in Bonn to Address Climate Change, the “Fight for Our Lives” 2019-06-19

Diplomats, Experts Convene in Bonn to Address Climate Change, the “Fight for Our Lives”

The talks follow the publishing of a report that called climate change an “existential threat” to human civilization by 2050 if it is not adequately addressed. 

How Mexican Officials are Amping Up Their Immigration Enforcement

Human rights activists see this as Mexico’s President stepping back on campaign promises.

A Look at the Juneteenth Hearing on Slavery Reparations Bill

Slavery reparations have entered the mainstream political discourse. We take a look at a congressional hearing on a bill that would move it forward.

Not All Female Athletes Play to the Male Gaze

After getting a league of their own, W.N.B.A players embrace a fashion sense of their own.

Other segments: 

Lack of Prescription Medication for Jail Inmates Tied to Suicide Deaths in Lock-Up

Increasing rates of substance abuse and decreased access to mental health treatment, have further complicated the issue that is no longer accounted for as it once was. 

Medical Breakthrough Prompts Reflection for People Living with HIV

For only the second time since the AIDS epidemic began, a patient is in long-term remission from H.I.V.

The anonymous “London patient” appears to have been infection-free for the past year and a half, after receiving a bone marrow transplant for cancer. This comes nearly 12-years after the first patient — Timothy Ray Brown — went into remission by the same method.

Joining The Takeaway to discuss this breakthrough and what it means for AIDS research going forward is Dr. Timothy J. Henrich, an AIDS specialist at the University of California, San Francisco.

Also joining the show to give their perspectives on this news are two people living with HIV, David Gebel, administrative assistant for WNYC Studios and The Takeaway, and Michael, a chef based in New York City. Michael asked The Takeaway not to use his full name.

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Devastating Fires Rage Throughout California

Devastating Fires Rage Throughout California

The Camp Fire has already been marked as the deadliest fire in recent California history.

Trial Over 2020 Census Citizenship Question Enters Second Week

The State of New York, along with more than a dozen other states and cities, is suing the Commerce Department, arguing that a citizenship question was added improperly to the census.

Counts and Recounts: Contested Races and How We Decide Them

An update on the tightest midterm races that still don’t have an official winner, and a look at the rules that govern our process of counting and recounting votes in the U.S.

One Hundred Years After Armistice, What Lessons Can Be Learned From World War I?

Millions of lives were lost in World War I, and with no clear outcome, Armistice Day reminds us of the dangers of nationalism and imperialism.

How are Veterans and Members of the Military Reacting to Trump?

With President Trump missing out on a WWI commemoration event, how are members of the military responding to him?


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