US-China relations

three diplomats shake hands in front of an embassy building

‘Open lines of communication’ are crucial to improving relations with Beijing, Amb Nicholas Burns says

US Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns was in the room this week when Secretary of State Antony Blinken sat down with Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Amb. Burns spoke with The World’s Marco Werman about Taiwan, Ukraine and why US and Chinese military leaders have stopped talking to one another.

US Army recruits in assumed position, wearing black t-shirts that have "ARMY" written across in bold yellow letters

The US military faces challenges on the homefront as recruitment shortages continue

A man holds a child as they watch a dance performance at the International Grand Bazaar in Urumqi in western China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

Leaked Xinjiang police files are a ‘devastating’ glimpse of abuses against Uyghur detainees in China, expert says

Human rights
Mehray Mezensof with her husband Mirzat Taher

This Uyghur woman was separated from her husband by Chinese authorities. She hasn’t given up hope.

Human rights
Activists shout slogans to mark anniversary of death of Chinese Nobel prize winner Liu Xiaobo outside a district court in Hong Kong, Monday, July 13, 2020. 

Protest projection: Part II

Critical State
President Joe Biden meets virtually with Chinese President Xi Jinping from the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington

US and Chinese presidents strike conciliatory tone during hourslong meeting

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US and Chinese presidents hold virtual meeting to discuss strengthening ties. Also, the head of Ecuador’s prison system and the country’s armed forces chief resign over fresh gang violence that’s left another 68 inmates dead. And, twin blasts in the Ugandan capital kill at least three people and injure dozens of others near parliament and the central police station.

Screenshot of a soldier from the war epic "Battle at Lake Changjin"

Chinese blockbuster war film salutes China’s military might and heroism


“Battle at Lake Changjin” glorifies the Chinese troops that defeated the Americans — a fact disputed by historians — in a decisive battle during the Korean War. Historic parallels between the Korean War and the 21st century stand-off between the US and China is a big reason for the film’s popularity.

Visitors look at the Chinese military's KJ-500 airborne early warning and control aircraft during 13th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, also known as Airshow China 2021, in Zhuhai in southern China's Guangdong province

Why China’s air force is provoking Taiwan

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China’s military flies a record 149 flights over international airspace, prompting Taiwanese defense forces to scramble in response. Also, Australia announces it will stop sending asylum-seekers for processing to Papua New Guinea by the end of the year. And, Germany agrees to extend compensation to thousands of Holocaust survivors.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley are shown sitting and facing each other.

Top Pentagon leaders in the hot seat over Afghanistan withdrawal

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Top of The World: Top Pentagon officials are expected to face tough questions from Congress on Tuesday in their first public testimony since the US completed its withdrawal from Afghanistan last month. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, are testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee. Watch the testimony streaming live here.

Olaf Scholz is shown wearing a dark suit and standing inbetween two other top German politicians with all three waving their right hands.

Germany’s Social Democrats claim narrow election victory

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Top of The World: Germany’s center-left Social Democrats are claiming victory by a narrow margin in the country’s national election. And, Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, returned to China over the weekend after being arrested and held in Canada at the request of US authorities. Also, voters in Switzerland resoundingly passed a nationwide referendum on Sunday to allow same-sex couples to marry.