VIDEO: NATO protests smaller than expected, but still disruptive for Chicagoans

The Takeaway

The final day of the NATO leaders summit is happening in Chicago.

While the city braced for violence, disruptions and protests, what ended up happening was certainly less than was anticipated. Thousands of protesters were greeted by thousands of police officers and, by and large, the protests were peaceful and contained.

According to the Chicago Tribune, some 45 people were arrested on Sunday during the day-long protests. According to The New York Times, five people were arrested for planning to hurl Molotov cocktails at the Obama campaign headquarters and otherwise disrupt the NATO meetings, but the majority of arrests were disorderly conduct and other city ordinance violations.

RAW VIDEO: Leaders Arrive for Day Two of NATO Meetings

US News Video by NewsLook

At least four police officers were injured during the protests, officials said.

That was Sunday. On Monday, though, reports were of quiet streets and deserted public transit, as the concerns about gridlocked commutes convinced many Chicagoans to stay home. Early in the day at least, police were outnumbering protesters easily, though that situation was expected to change as the day wears on.

The day’s protest target was expected to be Boeing, where many employees were working form home. According to the Tribune, Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy and many other police officers were accompanying about 150 protesters as they marched to Boeing headquarters.

For more updates from Chicago, follow the Chicago Tribune’s live blog.

Marchers Test Chicago Police Near NATO Meet

US News Video by NewsLook

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