LBJ’s War Production Team

Steve Atlas (Executive Producer) is a long-time producer of non-fiction programming for public media. For two decades, he wrote, produced, directed, and managed national public affairs programs for flagship PBS station, WGBH/Boston. His zeal for archival story-telling dates back to 2013, when he stumbled across a collection of largely unheard oral history interviews in the basement of the JFK Library in Boston.

Josh Swartz (Series Producer) is a radio and podcast producer whose work has been featured on public radio stations around the country. He is currently the producer of Season Ticket, a daily sports podcast from WBUR and The Boston Globe. He was formerly producer at PRX, the Public Radio Exchange.

Paul Taylor (Creative Consultant) is a writer and editor who has been involved in the development and production of historical documentaries for public broadcasting for more than three decades. A former senior editor at PBS’ American Experience history series, Taylor is the author for more than twenty successful NEH production grants, including grants for several presidential biographies, and the co-writer of “Two Days in October,” a Vietnam-war themed documentary that won both Peabody and Emmy awards.

Shan Shan Tam  (Associate Producer) is an independent television producer with experience in both broadcasting and podcasting. She began her career in reality TV and has since gravitated to long-form documentaries and food television. Shan Shan is also a proud graduate of Wellesley College.