South Africa

Studio 360

New Culture for a New South Africa

Kurt Andersen takes a look at South African culture since the end of apartheid. The artist William Kentridge tells stories of police brutality through the surreal animation of his charcoal drawings. Afrikaans writer Marlene van Niekerk gets discovered by English-speaking audiences. Also – back in the U.S. – the legendary ballerina Darci Kistler dances with […]

Cape Town, South Africa, waterfront
Whose Century Is It?

Bumps along South Africa’s yellow BRIC road

South Africans’ hopes and expectations that their country might become a democratic and economic leader in Africa, helped by a strong relationship with China and membership in the BRICS group — a collection of big countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) expected to emerge as economic leaders in this century — haven’t turned out quite as planned. South Africa dipped into recession this year, has unemployment near 30 percent, and a deeply unpopular and, many South Africans say, ineffective president, Jacob Zuma. What happened, what now, and what do South Africans make of the similarities they see between their president, and President Donald Trump? Host Mary Kay Magistad reports from South Africa.

Scene in Elsie's River, one of the Cape Flats communities on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa
Whose Century Is It?

Truth & reconciliation in South Africa, revisited

Healing deep social wounds takes time, even with active effort.