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The Dangers of Being a Woman and a Journalist

Journalist’s Disappearance Puts Spotlight on Saudi Arabia’s Record of Human Rights Abuses

Since seizing power in Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has escalated the Kingdom’s disregard for human rights.

The Dangers of Being a Woman and a Journalist

Last week Viktoria Marinova, an investigative television journalist in Bulgaria, was brutally murdered. Journalism seems as dangerous as ever for women in Europe. Why?

Maine Opponent to Medicaid Expansion is Given National Position in Trump Administration

As Maine’s health commissioner, Mary Mayhew was instrumental in opposing the popular effort to expand Medicaid. Now she’s been elevated to a national post.

During a Hurricane, People with Disabilities Fail to Find Equal Access to Emergency Programs

Lapses in communication not only affect the county’s deaf and hard-of-hearing population, but also the millions of other Americans living with disabilities.  

At One All-Black High School, Players Take a Knee with Intention

At one small, all-black private school in Maryland, 32 high school football players have agreed as a team to take a knee before every single game, with their coach’s support.


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At Least 40 Children Dead in Yemen after Saudi-led Airstrike

Last week a school bus carrying children in northern Yemen was struck by a Saudi-led coalition airstrike. More than 40 children are believed to have been killed and dozens injured. We discuss the attack and the latest details about the conflict in Yemen, with a reporter in the nation’s capital; a recent report by Forbes alleges that U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross stole million of dollars from former employees and associates; the group behind the deadly Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally one year ago, held another rally in Washington, DC yesterday. We discuss how things were handled, with Democratic Congressman Don Beyer who represents Virginia’s 8th District; we explore how so-called “flop accounts” on Instagram have become a venue for young people to talk about news and politics in a non traditional way; and a look at some of the major factors that launch people of color into poverty and homelessness. 

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“Out of Many, One.” But Do We Have One American Identity?

American identity is shifting: from what we look like, to where we worship, to who we love. And so it’s not surprising that for many Americans, those changes create a sense of anxiety. Some feel they are being left behind by a country they thought they knew. Others are excited to chart a new course, to take part in that dream that so many Americans aspire to. The data proves that Americans really do think about these ideals. 2017 figures from the Pew Research Center found that 36% of U.S. adults reported that their family had already achieved the American dream. 46% surveyed said they are “on their way” to achieving it. The Takeaway examines the fluctuating notions of American identity. Plus, we speak with President Jimmy Carter about what he believes to be a crisis of faith in the American government; and an update on the apparently growing role of American soldiers in Yemen’s civil war.

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After Waffle House Shooting: Few Rules for Weapons Surrender

April 24, 2018: The suspect in the deadly Waffle House shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, was arrested on Monday after a 36-hour manhunt. Travis Reinking, 29, was arrested near his apartment which was close to the restaurant where early Sunday morning he started firing towards patrons with his AR-15 rifle. Four people were killed in that rampage. One patron, James Shaw Jr., is being credited for saving the lives of others after wrestling with the gunman and throwing his weapon over the counter. The Takeaway brings you the latest on the shooting in Nashville and the police investigation. Plus, we examine a new report documenting human rights abuses occurring under the shroud of Yemen’s civil war; one of the contenders for Paul Ryan’s vacant seat Cathy Myers discusses her candidacy; and actor Laurie Metcalf reviews her recent appearances on stage, on the big screen, and on T.V.

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Ashes to Ashes? Trump Administration Rethinks Nuclear Strategy

Jan. 18, 2018: A massive pool of genetic information, 1 million strong: That’s the goal of a new initiative from the National Institutes of Health, called “All of Us.” The Takeaway talks to the director of the NIH about the project, plus a look at the growing fight over immigration in Congress; humanitarian crises in Yemen and Myanmar; and a how the Trump Administration is rethinking America’s nuclear strategy. 

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For Many American Women, Sexual Harassment Comes With the Job

Nov. 14, 2017: As many as 75 percent of women of all ages say that they have experienced sex-based harassment in the workplace. Today on The Takeaway, a look at how different demographics are disrupting the status quo, plus an analysis of the latest allegations facing Roy Moore; how Donald Trump is remaking the judiciary; police tactics in the interrogation room; an escalating humanitarian crisis in Yemen; why global carbon emissions are on the rise; and the EPA under Scott Pruitt. 

Summer Nasser, Yemeni-American college student and small business owner.

SHORT: Here’s what one Yemeni American has to say about the Muslim ban

Rupa talks to college senior, small business owner, and Yemeni American Summer Nasser in an Otherhood Short.

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Obamanomics, A Vietnam War Legacy, The Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds Connection

January 06, 2017:

1. Examining Obama’s Economic Legacy (11 min)

2. Yemen’s Children Starve as Saudis Drop U.S. Bombs (6 min)

3. Watch These TV Shows After the Mid-Season Break (4 min)

4. Predictions For the 74th Golden Globe Awards (4 min)

5. The Week That Changed America Forever (8 min)

6. Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher: Behind the Bright Lights (13 min)

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A Push Towards Peace, Bilingual Education, A Hidden Cold War History

October 18, 2016:

1. The Beginnings of Peace? U.N. Announces 72-Hour Ceasefire in Yemen (13 min)

2. Massachusetts AG Pushes Back as Indian College Plans Expansion (6 min)

3. In California, Bilingual Education on the Ballot this November (4 min)

4. Questions Swirl Around Christie as Bridgegate Trial Advances (4 min)

5. Drug Industry Influence Keeps Medicare Prescription Costs High (6 min)

6. A Cold War Narrative of Escape Under the Berlin Wall (7 min)

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Kids and the Election, Russia Tension, Analyzing ‘Locker Room Talk’

October 11, 2016:

1. Educators Struggle to Teach the 2016 Election (11 min)

2. Apple, Samsung Square Off in Supreme Court (7 min)

3. A Lewd Election Places Parents in a Tough Spot (4 min)

4. U.S.-Russian Relations Morph During Presidential Election (4 min)

5. Airstrikes Further Thwart Peace Efforts in Yemen (6 min)

6. Donald Trump, Billy Bush, and The Real Problem With ‘Locker Room Talk’ (11 min)