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New Report Says the VA Underspent on Suicide Prevention Outreach

New Report Says the VA Underspent on Suicide Prevention Outreach

A new report just out from the Government Accountability Office says the VA has failed on a massive scale to address the problem of veteran suicide.

Medical Foster Homes Can Be an Option for Elderly Veterans, But The VA Won’t Pay for Them

If the bill passes, more than 328,000 veterans in the first year might be able to take advantage of medical foster homes.

Utah Prepares to Roll Out Toughest DUI Law in the Nation

Nationally, over the past 5 years, an average of 300 people died in drunk driving crashes in the week between Christmas and New Year alone. 

What You Need To Know About The Fed’s Increase and Your Housing Options

Last week, the Federal Reserve announced an increase in interest rates to a range of 2.25 to 2.5 percent.


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Senate Confirms Robert Wilkie as New Veterans Affairs Secretary

Longtime government official Robert Wilkie will head the Department of Veterans Affairs after the Senate confirmed his nomination on Monday. We take a look at the future of the Veterans Affairs in light of the confirmation; a look inside wartime prisons detaining suspected ISIS fighters; a discussion on the Tronc layoffs at The Daily News and what the move means both for news consumers but what it also reveals more broadly about consolidation within the industry; a look at a reverse situation where consolidation was blocked, in the attempted merger of Sinclair and Tribune Media; and we end the hour with a look at what some of the research says on women and anger.

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Yeni’s Story: A Migrant Family Reunited

On Monday night, Yeni Gonzalez-Garcia completed the 2,500-mile journey from Arizona to Harlem, New York, and finally, she was reunited with her children. We have the latest on the reunification story of Yeni and her children; a conversation with mayor elect London Breed; a look at the situation of displaced Puerto Ricans who are still using the TSA program through FEMA to stay in hotels; and then we explore patriotism ahead of the holiday.

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On Memorial Day: Stories of Trauma, Survival and Renewal

This Memorial Day, The Takeaway brings you five stories that deal with trauma, survival, psychedelics, music and convalescence. The memories of three mass-shooting survivors exemplify the somber legacy of surviving an American tragedy and demonstrate how it reorients your worldview; When the brain survives a traumatic experience the toll taken has traditionally been seen as an emotional scar, but new research is helping to overturn this narrative; outside the more mainstream therapies for PTSD, there’s another class of drugs currently being tested: psychedelics; soldiers returning from Iraq faced insurmountable obstacles as they reintroduced themselves to society. Some injuries, such as burns and amputations, bore palpable signs, alerting the public to the pains rendered in the line of duty. Others scars were borne invisibly; and Singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier tries to illustrate the experience of returning to civilian life in her new album, “Rifles and Rosary Beads.”

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Deported U.S. Veterans Speak Out Against Treatment by Feds

March 30, 2018: The Texas Civil Rights Project estimates that in total, about 3,000 U.S. military veterans have been deported from the country, though the Department of Homeland Security does not officially keep track. Hector Barajas, once such veteran, operates a safehouse in Tijuana, Mexico, nicknamed “The Bunker.” The storefront functions as a makeshift asylum for veterans deported to Mexico. Barajas served in the military for six years when he was expelled from the U.S. after serving two years in prison due to a weapons charge. The Takeaway brings you to Barajas, who speaks about the way undocumented veterans are treated by the federal government. Plus, the state of the #MeToo movement in Africa; an ‘overlooked’ woman some call Korea’s Joan of Arc; and the selection of a white woman to curate African art at the Brooklyn Museum.

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Christmas With Leslie Odom Jr.

Dec. 25, 2017: More than three months after Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico, the overwhelmingly Christian island is still struggling to put the pieces back together. A look at how Puerto Ricans are celebrating on Christmas Day, plus an analysis of America’s homeless population; how the #MeToo movement shaped 2017; a posthumous work by Mark Twain; and Leslie Odom Jr., star of the hit musical “Hamilton,” on his new creative projects and Christmas album. 

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“Fear and loathing of transgender Americans.”

July 26, 2017: President Donald Trump announced a ban on transgender service members on Wednesday. The Takeaway talks to two LGBTQ military members about the change. Plus, a look into Paul Manafort’s past, the Department of Defense’s environmental impact, and a new stage play on the Syrian civil war. 

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DIY Justice: Should teachers be armed?

June 26, 2017: Should teachers carry guns? One county in Colorado is training school staff members on a controversial method to prepare for an active shooter scenario. Today, The Takeaway talks to the founder of the program, and we examine the U.S.-India relationship, we explore why some veterans are being deported, we look at the inhumane conditions facing some immigrant detainees, and we chat with Virginia Grohl, the mother of Foo Fighters frontman and Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl. 

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Memorial Day 2017: National Sacrifice and A Pledge Not to Forget

Happy Memorial Day from The Takeaway. In this special holiday episode, we’re hosting conversations about the sacrifices made in war zones, and the challenges facing veterans at home.

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Fighting for LGBTQ Equality, The Vet-to-Cop Pipeline, Fresh Iranian Food

March 31, 2017:

1. Advocates Say N.C. Bathroom Bill Repeal is Not a Victory (8 min)

2. Federal Government Rolls Back Data Collection on LGBT Seniors (5 min)

3. Haze of PTSD Lingers When Veterans Put on The Police Badge (7 min)

4. Celebrating the Iranian New Year with Food and Family (7 min)

5. Films to Catch and Skip at the Box Office This Weekend (4 min)

6. Exploring the Evolution of Cuban Protest Music (4 min)

7.  Why Brexit Will Be a Boon for Russia (7 min)