The Takeaway

Scars from Violence in Baltimore, Vietnam, and Brownsville

May 24, 2016:

1. Why Insanely Long Airport Wait Times Are Likely the New Normal (12 min)

2. Reckoning with the Vietnam War (7 min)

3. Baltimore Community Struggles with Freddie Gray Verdict (4 min) 

4. Building a Bright Future After Community College (7 min)

5. A Community Scared by Violence Struggles to Forget (8 min)

The Takeaway

Freedom From Want, Arctic Travel, Culture of Destruction

April 13, 2016: 1. Freedom From Want: FDR’s Dream Unrealized as 47 Million Live in Poverty | 2. Worker Strikes On the Rise in China | 3. The Bulldozer: America’s Tool For Destruction, Progress & Disenfranchisement | 4. Paul Ryan Denies He’s Running for President — Again | 5. Preparing for a Maiden Voyage Through the Northwest Passage 

The Takeaway

Today’s Takeaways: Political Parties, American Cities, Gitmo

February 24, 2016: 1. GOP Loses its Grip as Trump Takes a Victory Lap | 2. How Delaware Became an International Tax Shelter | 3. Great American Cities Have These 11 Traits | 4. Patents: An Inventor’s Insurance Policy | 5. How Guantánamo Influences Obama’s Legacy

The Takeaway

Your Guide to The Weirdest Places in the U.K.

The Takeaway talks with author Bill Bryson about his latest work, “The Road to Little Dribbling,” which is a guidebook to all the odd places that appear on maps of the U.K. and constitute what he describes as a grand geography of weirdness. 

The Takeaway

Big Brother, Bin Laden’s Lost Recordings, Begging for A Break

August 18, 2015: 1. EPA Proposes Cutting Methane Emissions | 2. As Glaciers Melt, Russia Looks to Snatch Arctic Territory | 3. Heartfelt Songs and English Lessons: Inside bin Laden’s Lost Tapes | 4. The New Big Brother in The Workplace | 5. Vacation-Shaming: Why American’s Aren’t Taking Time Off