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Can Social Security Be Saved?

Can Social Security Be Saved?

A new report has extended Social Security’s lifetime by one year, but the program is still on track to become insolvent in 2035.

US Companies Turn Back to Saudis Months After Khashoggi Killing

Just six months after Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi was, according to U.S. intelligence agencies, assassinated by Saudi Arabia, American businesses are starting to return.

Sri Lanka Attacks Highlight Continuing Threat From ISIS-Inspired Actors

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks in Sri Lanka that have killed at least 300 people.


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Burning of Three Black Churches Serves as Reminder of Racism’s Continuing Legacy

Burning of Three Black Churches Serves as Reminder of Racism’s Continuing Legacy

The churches were all burned in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, over the course of ten days in March.

Congress Investigates the High Cost of Insulin

The price of insulin has nearly tripled in the last decade. Congress is now investigating why.

An Uncertain Path Forward for Transgender Troops

On Friday, the Trump administration banned transgender people from openly enlisting in the military. Advocates say this marks a return to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” for transgender troops.


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Trump-Russia Summit Fallout Continues As Putin Gets Invite to D.C.

Friday host of The Takeaway Amy Walter talks with Chris Painter, the U.S’s former top cyber diplomat and General Michael Hayden, former director of the NSA and CIA, about what the implication’s of this second meeting might be for the United States; Republican leaders had harsh words for Trump at the start of the week. That changed as the week wore on; and for the rest of the hour, we focus on the fight for suburban districts in the lead up to the Midterm election. Among the key districts Democrats need to win in order to win back the House of Representatives: New Jersey’s 7th.

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Mythmaking and MS-13: Americans in Fear of an Exaggerated Threat

We take a big look at MS-13 in light of new data that shows Americans fears about the street gang; a look at a new tool police departments are using that allows them to better measure resident feelings about the job they are doing; a Democratic Congressman explains why he is speaking out specifically against newsprint tariffs; 90 percent of us either hate cooking or feel lukewarm about it. What’s a grocery store to do?; and a look at two big films out this summer centered on issues of race. 

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Merger Mania: Corporate Consolidations Promise Lofty Returns, Can They Deliver?

The number of major wireless carriers in America may soon go from four to three. Over the weekend, T-Mobile C.E.O. John Leger and Sprint C.E.O. Marcelo Claure announced a nearly $27-billion merger between the third and fourth largest wireless carriers in the United States. The two companies will now have to convince the Trump administration not to block their merger, which it is currently trying to do in another case being argued in court: AT&T’s $85 billion dollar planned acquisition of Time Warner. The Takeaway examines what implications that case may have for the T-Mobile-Sprint deal. Plus, we review the exclusive list of questions Special Counsel Mueller has for President Trump, leaked to The New York Times; a modern-era remake of Spike Lee’s classic, “He Got Game;” and a suicide bomb in Afghanistan’s capital that killed nine journalists.

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Attack at YouTube HQ Points to Rise in Workplace Homicides

April 5, 2018: On Tuesday afternoon, a disgruntled blogger forced her way into YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California, and fired at employees before committing suicide. The incident follows a spate of mass shootings around the country. But it also points to a troubling trend, a rise in the number of workplace homicides across the U.S. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 500 workplace killings in 2016. That’s up from 409 in 2014. The Takeaway looks at how a significant portion of these incidents are committed from embittered current or former employees. Plus, we bring you the latest on the unarmed black man shot and killed by police in Crown Heights, Brooklyn; the federal trial of three Kansas men who planned to bomb a Somali mosque; and, on its 50th anniversary, the James Brown concert in Boston that quelled potential riots as the country exploded after the assassination of Dr. King.

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“I knew none of you. I miss you all.”

June 12, 2017: Today marks the one year anniversary since the brutal attack on Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida that left 49 people dead. The Takeaway takes a trip to Orlando, and to Pulse nightclub, to speak with survivors, family members, and community leaders. Plus, a look at a Supreme Court case that changed the way we love in America, and much more. 

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U.S. Terror Threats, Mexico’s Missing, Trotsky in New York

September 19, 2016:

1. Bombs in Our Midst: Questions Linger After Possible Terror Threats in 3 States (7 min)

2. Diplomatic Chaos? U.S.-Russia Coalition on Shaky Ground After Syria Airstrikes (6 min)

3. U.N. Summit on Refugees: A Watershed Moment or More of the Same? (6 min)

4. New Documentary Shines Light on Mexico’s Drug War (7 min)

5. Exploring America’s Racist Housing Policies (3 min)

6. When Leon Trotsky Was a New York Celebrity (10 min)

Town hall recording at WNYC's Greene Space
America Abroad

US foreign policy and the next president: Through the eyes of the world

America Abroad collaborates with The Takeaway for an international town hall in front of live audiences in New York, Berlin and Cairo. A New York-based panel discusses topics including from international trade and the economy, the threat of terrorism and instability in the Middle East, and how the world sees the role of American leadership in international affairs.

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Child Soldiers, Space Discoveries, Assault on Campus

August 25, 2016:

1. An Attack on Progress at American University in Afghanistan? (5 min)

2. Will the U.S. Turn its Back on Afghan Translators? (7 min)

3. ISIS Draws New Attention to Child Soldiers (7 min)

4. The Earth Next Door: What You Need to Know About Proxima B (4 min)

5. Zika Fight: GMO Mosquitoes Spark Calls for Referendum in Florida (7 min)

6. Liquor Bans: The Solution to Alcohol Problems on Campus? (7 min)