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New Tax Bill Will Make it Illegal for IRS to Offer Free E-Filing Option

New Tax Bill Will Make it Illegal for IRS to Offer Free E-Filing Option

The Taxpayer First Act just passed the House this week.

Politics and Voting in the Lone Star State

First, a look at investigations into Texas’s effort to remove thousands of voters from the rolls; Then a look at what Texas voters are looking for going into election season 2020.

Wyatt Cenac Shakes Up Late Night with a Deep Dive on Education

This season of comedian Wyatt Cenac’s “Problem Areas” explores education in the United States. Cenac spoke with The Takeaway about his show’s unique spot in the late-night landscape.


Hannah Levintova

Mark Jones

Wyatt Cenac

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How Fair is America’s Tax Code?

How Fair is America’s Tax Code?

Most American’s think they pay their fare share of taxes but the rich and corporations aren’t paying enough. 

Rewatching Teen Flicks of the 80s with Modern Eyes

What were teenagers like Brett Kavanaugh watching in the 80s? Many of the popular films of that time normalize rape culture.

Narrative Over ‘Trump Country’ Overlooks Rural Black Americans

With all the focus on white rural voters who voted for Trump, another important group of constituents is frequently being ignored.

The Secret Network Helping Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence

Immigrant women are twice as likely as the general population to experience domestic violence. An underground network of Latinas is protecting those facing abuse. 


David Stasavage

Vanessa Williamson

Errin Haines Whack

Rafer Guzman

Alison Willmore

Lizzie Presser

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Flynn Pleads Guilty to Lying to the FBI

Dec. 01, 2017: According to the court filing by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Michael Flynn lied to the FBI about his contacts with Russia’s ambassador to the United States. A look at what this means for the Russia investigation, plus an analysis of the GOP tax bill as it moves closer to passing; why some say the State Department is in chaos; new movie reviews; and more. 

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Trump’s Tax Test, A Hunger Strike, Fusion Folk and Pop

April 27, 2017: 

1. Trump’s Tax Plan Is All About the Cuts (9 min)

2. Freedom Caucus Backs Healthcare Bill (3 min)

3. Former Sen. Mitchell: Irrational to Say Trump’s First 100 Days a Success (7 min)

4. 100 Days In, Appalachia Holds Cautious Optimism for Trump (4 min)

5. Palestinian Prisoners Protest Israeli Treatment With Mass Hunger Strike (4 min)

6. Chaos Festers in Venezuela (8 min)

7. Sylvan Esso: Crafting Pop Songs About Uncertain Times (9 min)

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Rejecting Peace in Colombia, Trump’s Tax Scandal, Rethinking School Discipline

October 03, 2016:

1. Rejecting Peace: What’s Next for Colombia and the FARC (6 min)

2. Voters in Hungary Say No to Refugees (5 min)

3. Digging Into The Trump Tax Scandal (6 min)

4. Hundreds March for Syria in Germany (4 min)

5. The Supreme Court is Back in Session. Here’s What You Need to Know. (6 min)

6. The Rise and Fall of Zero Tolerance Policies (7 min)

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How Delaware Became an International Tax Shelter

Click on the audio player above to hear this interview.

Tax lawyers, international hedge funds, and private equity firms have been moving billions of dollars in cash to the United States. The United States has become one the biggest tax shelter in the world, and the state of Delaware is helping wealthy individuals and multinational companies hide assets and avoid taxes.

Bob Hennelly, an award winning print and broadcast journalist, investigated Delaware’s special status and found that states and countries are in a race to the bottom to create tax havens. He says that Donald Trump’s tax plan would put an end to corporations stashing cash to avoid taxes.

What you’ll learn from this segment:

What shell companies in Delaware are being used for.
Delaware’s role in helping wealthy individuals and corporations hide or lower tax rates.
The role of Delaware’s Chancery Court in propagating this system.