Marathon Oil Refinery in Detroit
Whose Century Is It?

Blood Oil: Why what you put in your gas tank may be funding terrorism

Can a full tank of gas be linked to terrorism? It might be, if you connect the dots. Leif Wenar, author of “Blood Oil: Tyranny, Resources & the Rules that Run the World,” explains how it happens, why it affects you, and what you can do about it.

The Takeaway

‘The West Wing,’ Powerball Math, Renewing Black America

January 13, 2016: 1. What ‘The West Wing’ Teaches Us About the State of the Union | 2. Tavis Smiley Renews ‘The Covenant with Black America’ | 3. Supreme Court Strikes Down Florida’s Death Penalty Law | 4. Falling Oil Prices Mean Trouble For Unstable Governments | 5. Sorry, But You’re Not Going to Win: An Inside Look at Powerball Math

The Takeaway

Underground Football, Flip-Flopping, Tourism and Terrorism

December 17, 2015: 1. A Flip-Flop in Syria? Kerry Backtracks on Assad Regime | 2. What a Mistrial Means for The Freddie Gray Case | 3. Cheap Oil Complicates The Paris Climate Accord | 4. Abby Wambach Says ‘Forget Me,’ But Her Historic Legacy Won’t Quit | 5. Inside the Underground World of Street Football | 6. The Sinai Peninsula: A Land of Tourism and Terrorism