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Companies Might Have to ‘Lean In’ to Transparency by Reporting Salaries

Companies Might Have to ‘Lean In’ to Transparency by Reporting Salaries 

For all the leaning in, women still made 82 cents on the dollar in 2017. Women of color fared even worse.

U.N. Environment Assembly Begins in Nairobi

Thousands of officials, including heads of state and business leaders, are in Nairobi this week for the UN’s Environment Assembly.

Cleaning Up After the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

After the biggest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl, Japan is continuing its clean-up of Fukushima. And it’s getting a little assistance from an unlikely helper: robots.

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As Hurricane Florence Approaches, What About the People Forced to Stay?

As Hurricane Florence Approaches, What About the People Forced to Stay?

As millions leave their homes to avoid Hurricane Florence, many more will be forced to shelter in place, whether because of illness or disability that leaves them unable to evacuate.

DHS Uses FEMA Money to Pay for ICE’s Migrant Crackdown

Senator Jeff Merkley’s release of documents showing the transfer of funds raises questions about FEMA’s disaster preparedness as Hurricane Florence bears down on the East Coast.

“It’s About Damn Time”: Venture Capitalist Looks to Help Other Black, Queer Businesspeople

Arlan Hamilton is a rare black and queer venture capitalist, and she’s made it her mission to grant funding to startups with founders who are women, people of color, or LGBTQ.

In Afghanistan, After 17 Years of War, Violence is an Everyday Threat

In Afghanistan, the U.S. response to the September 11th attacks is still ongoing, and the threat of violence has become a daily part of life.

1985 Heist At Mexico’s National Museum Subject of New Film

“Museo,” a new film about an unbelievable museum burglary in Mexico’s capital city, stars Gael García Bernal.


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Mueller: In the Cross Hairs of Conservative Media

Dec. 18, 2017: Some say the right-wing “feedback loop” is pushing President Trump to discredit the FBI and fire Robert Mueller. The Takeaway has that story, plus a look at pass through businesses and the GOP tax bill; why the CDC is forbidden from using seven key words; the unintended consequences of bitcoin; major football changes in Canada; how coastal communities are coping with beach erosion; and the ways journalists are covering the #MeToo era. 

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The GOP Debate, Baseball’s Black Problem, A Cashless Economy

October 29, 2015: 1.China Ends One-Child Policy | 2. The Highs and Lows of The GOP Debate | 3. Reducing Mass Incarceration Without Increasing Crime | 4. Baseball’s Black Problem | 5. Moving Toward a Cashless Economy