The Takeaway

Banned Books: A Tool For Prison Control

Jan. 09, 2018: Outrage ensued after the ACLU found out that New Jersey had banned a book about mass incarceration. But censorship is a common tool used by officials to control prisoners. The Takeaway has that story, plus a look at President Trump’s latest immigration actions; privacy rights before the Supreme Court; a potential criminal case linked to the Flint water crisis; systemic school problems in Baltimore; and the careers that have been crushed by sexual harassment. 

The Takeaway

Want to Fight Rape Culture? Start With Men.

October 18, 2017: When it comes to changing the culture around sexual violence and harassment, one man says that the fight should begin with men, not women. A look at how men can stand up and confront rape culture, plus the latest on the slow relief effort in Puerto Rico; the fight to liberate Raqqa; the NFL’s annual meeting; parsing the pieces of the Las Vegas shooting; and a futuristic dreamscape from the year 2067. 

Moist chocolate cake in a baking pan
Studio 360

Say it loud: ‘moist’

Our favorite recent segments featuring writers and books, including one writer’s defense of the word everyone hates: moist.

Studio 360

American Icons: The Great Gatsby

Episodes of false identity, living large, and murder in the suburbs add up to the great American novel.

Author Scaachi Koul was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and is a culture writer at BuzzFeed.

SHORT: Buzzfeed Writer Scaachi Koul

Buzzfeed writer Scaachi Koul discusses how white privilege affects her family and how racism is institutionalized in Canada.

The Takeaway

‘Mad Dog’ Defense, Alt Christmas Music, Cuban Poetry and Politics

December 02, 2016:

1. Veteran: We Must Protect Standing Rock Protesters from Police Violence (8 min)

2. ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis: What You Need to Know About Trump’s Defense Pick (4 min)

3. What Coal Country Sees in Donald Trump (11 min)

4. Poet Richard Blanco on Political Lessons from Cuba (6 min)

5. Films to Catch and Skip at the Box Office This Weekend (4 min)

6. Alternative Christmas Songs to Get You Through the Holidays (6 min)

The Takeaway

Native American Unity, Non-Voter Views, Power, Politics and Fiction

November 17, 2016:

1. With a Climate Denier Leading Transition, Will the EPA Survive Under Trump? (10 min)

2. European Officials Question Trump’s Commitment to NATO (7 min)

3. Embattled Yemen Hopes for Cease-Fire (3 min)

4. Why One Man Didn’t Vote for President: ‘Nothing Really Changes’ (5 min)

5. Native Americans Unite to Fight Dakota Access Pipeline (6 min)

6. The Power and Politics of Fiction Writing (8 min)

The Takeaway

Destroying the ‘Jungle,’ Chicago Memories, Author Jonathan Safran Foer

October 25, 2016:

1. Refugees Fear for the Future as Authorities Demolish the Calais ‘Jungle’ (11 min)

2. In Alabama, Voter Suppression Looks A Lot Like Double Jeopardy (7 min)

3. Chicago 1908: An Audio Journey Back in Time as The Cubs Head to the World Series (7 min)

4. Big Data, Social Media Will Help Monitor the Polls on Election Day (4 min)

5. California Vets Forced to Pay Back Thousands in Enlistment Bonuses (7 min)

6. The Huge Ambition of Author Jonathan Safran Foer (8 min)

Studio 360

Brit Bennett on Church, Racism, and Her Novel “The Mothers”

This interview will air next month — but we’re making it available to our podcast listeners early. Enjoy!

Brit Bennett came to prominence in a way that was unheard of in the literary world a generation ago. She published a piece about racial justice in Jezebel in 2014, and it provoked a huge discussion online and demonstrated what a fine writer she is.

Soon enough, she was hearing from literary agents and now she’s publishing her debut novel, “The Mothers.” She talks with Kurt Andersen about how attending different churches in her childhood informed the book, and why she started her novel by revealing its biggest secret. 

The Takeaway

Unrest in Charlotte, Gaming the Election, The Black Prince of Florence

September 22, 2016: 

1. Charlotte, North Carolina Spirals Into Violence (13 min)

2. Governing From The Minority: How State Laws Influence National Elections (6 min)

3. Isle of Man Faces Crucial Vote (4 min)

4. How Design Impacts Politics (7 min)

5. The Long Forgotten Black Prince of Florence (7 min)