The Takeaway

The remorseful executioner.

August 08, 2017: Frank Thompson is the former superintendent of the Oregon State Penitentiary, where he oversaw and conducted executions. Now, he works as an advocate against the death penalty. He shares his story today. Plus, The Takeaway examines the turmoil in Venezuela, why some say the Trump Administration is playing politics with nursing homes, elections in Kenya and Detroit, and strategies for cutting the U.S. prison population in half. 

America Abroad

How Drones Are Reshaping the World

In this hour-long program, we look at how drones are revolutionizing the skies, and how this technology has so quickly moved from science fiction to ubiquitous reality.

Prerna Junior High
America Abroad

Global Girls’ Education: Breaking Down Barriers

The numbers are staggering. Worldwide, 58 million primary school-age children are not in school. More than half of these children are girls, and 75 percent of them live in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

Retrieving Well Water In Sindh, Pakistan
America Abroad

When water scarcity leads to conflict

AK-47s, grenades, water? Earth’s most precious resource doesn’t fire bullets or explode but it is guarded, hoarded, and stolen in a way that ignites political tensions on a local level and an international scale. This month, we travel to Sub Saharan and Pakistan to bring you the stories of those caught up in the struggle to secure clean water. We’ll hear from unapologetic water thieves, reporters turned refugees, and rural residents whose way of life may be completed decimated because of the wording in a decades old international treaty. Also the voices of American officials, NGO’s, and entrepreneurs on what the West can and should do to help those in need.