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Throwing Away the Key on ICE Detentions

March 01, 2018: On Tuesday, the Supreme Court issued a decision that may allow the government to place some immigrants under indefinite detention. The Takeaway brings you the latest, plus a look at a new project on life and death in Oakland, California from the show “Snap Judgement,” what’s next for the widow of the Pulse mass shooter; a look at the ties between North Korea and Syrian chemical weapons; and how the #MeToo movement has given women new opportunities. 

The Takeaway

The Top Risks Facing the World in 2018

Jan. 02, 2017: From the global tech Cold War to U.S.-Iran relations, The Takeaway explores the top 10 risks facing the world in the new year. Plus, a look at a wave of protests rocking Iran; the coming fight over entitlement programs; minimum wage increases across the country; legal marijuana and restorative justice in California; and hopes and fears for the #MeToo movement in 2018. 

The Takeaway

America: The Most Dangerous Wealthy Nation for Kids

Jan. 10, 2017: A new study out this week finds that, when looking at other wealthy, democratic countries, a child born in the U.S. has a 70 percent greater chance of dying before adulthood. The Takeaway talks to the lead author of the study, plus a look at Fusion GPS and the Russia investigation; a judge’s move to block President Trump’s DACA rollback; a Supreme Court case on purging voter rolls; an update on the deadly mudslides in California; political infighting in Kansas; and the future of the Children’s Health Insurance Plan in Congress. 

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For Many American Women, Sexual Harassment Comes With the Job

Nov. 14, 2017: As many as 75 percent of women of all ages say that they have experienced sex-based harassment in the workplace. Today on The Takeaway, a look at how different demographics are disrupting the status quo, plus an analysis of the latest allegations facing Roy Moore; how Donald Trump is remaking the judiciary; police tactics in the interrogation room; an escalating humanitarian crisis in Yemen; why global carbon emissions are on the rise; and the EPA under Scott Pruitt. 

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The firm grip of inequality.

August 10, 2017: According to a new study, income gains for the middle class have stayed relatively stagnant since 1980. Nobel Prize-winning economist Angus Deaton discusses how inequality has created two Americas. Plus, a look at the high cost of freedom, a GOP lawmaker’s criminal justice shift, the struggle of America’s caregivers, and a jam session with musician Jack Grace. 

The Takeaway

After the shooting.

August 07, 2017: After her son was shot and killed by the San Francisco Police Department, Gwen Woods had to grieve in the public eye. Today, she tells her story. Plus, The Takeaway looks at the growing tension with North Korea, we examine a new project that aims to reimagine the prison system, we get the latest on an “act of terrorism” in Minnesota, and host a conversation about what it means to be American. 

The Takeaway

A family comes out of the (racial) closet.

June 13, 2017: Julia Fornes kept her Puerto Rican identity hidden for years. She tells her story to her daughter, Alison, who also reveals how her mother’s actions affected her own perception of race and identity. Plus, a look at the secret talks around healthcare reform, violence in Venezuela, body image in the LGBTQ community, and a case of justice delayed. 

The Takeaway

Trump Takes a Trip, A Foiled Terror Plot, A Teacher’s Warning

May 22, 2017:

1. Israeli-Palestinian Peace: Can Trump Make the Ultimate Deal? (6 min)

2. Conflicts of Interests Cast Shadow on Trump’s Trip Abroad (5 min)

3. SCOTUS Strikes Down Racially-Gerrymandered Congressional Maps (6 min)

4. Foiled White Supremacist Plot Unites Community Around Immigrants (7 min)

5. Suits Accuse Insurance Companies of Making Millions by Profit-Gaming Medicare (4 min)

6. Use of Toxic Pesticide Allowed to Continue Under Trump’s EPA (4 min)

7. Teacher Sounds the Alarm on Graduation Gap (8 min)

The Takeaway

FBI Fallout Continues; Minnesota’s Measles Outbreak; Wheelchair Dancing

May 11, 2017

1. Gillibrand on Comey Firing: ‘No President Is Above the Law’ (6 min)

2. Special Prosecutor or Independent Commission? How the Russia Investigations Can Continue (7 min)

3. Measles Outbreak Hits Minnesota (4 min)

4. The Healing Power of Dance (7 min)

5. How J. Edgar Hoover Shaped the FBI (8 min)

The Takeaway

Gen. Michael Hayden, The American Bison, Anxious Culture Wars

May 09, 2017:

1. Trump White House Ignored Flynn Blackmail Warnings (5 min)

2. Gen. Michael Hayden: Trump White House Unable to Admit Basic Facts (9 min)

3. Houston Police Chief Protests Texas Governor’s Sanctuary Cities Ban (7 min)

4. The Challenges of Saving the Wild Bison (7 min)

5. South Koreans Select New Leader in Historic Election (4 min)

6. President Trump Moves to Fill Court Vacancies (4 min)

7. Culture Wars: Dealing With A Changing America (8 min)