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Historic flight between Israel and the UAE lands in Abu Dhabi

Direct Israel-UAE flight makes historic first. Plus, the US and four English-speaking allies have shared intelligence for decades through an alliance called the “Five Eyes.” Now Japan is lobbying to join in. And, a new report from international crime fighters Interpol has found that illegal plastic dumping has sharply increased in the last two years.

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Parenting Challenges in the Era of COVID-19: Balancing Work and Kids 2020-07-06

Parenting Challenges in the Era of COVID-19: Balancing Work and Kids

Many parents across the country have gone months without childcare, juggling the tasks of being a parent with those of learning how to home-school on the fly.

Vanessa Guillén Disappearence Raises Question About Sexual Assault in the Military

Army specialist and Houston native Vanessa Guillén disappeared from her Texas base in April, and police now say she was brutally killed.

What Does Annexation Mean for Palestinians in the West Bank?

What does annexation mean for Palestinians in the West Bank? And how has U.S. public opinion shifted on Israeli policies?

What a National Reckoning Over Inequality in the Workplace Means for the Girlboss Movement

#Girlboss became the template for women in the workplace hoping to take back some of the power in corporate America.

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Divide Over Israel Remains After House Passes Generic “Anti-Hate” Measure

Divide Over Israel Remains After House Passes Generic “Anti-Hate” Measure

After initial plans to condemn anti-Semitism more specifically were scrapped, the U.S. House of Representatives’ Democratic leadership opted for a more generic “anti-hate” measure.

Amy’s Take: Where Have Bipartisan Priorities Gone?

Amy Walter examines why Democrats and Republicans no longer agree about which issues demand the greatest urgency.

Citizenship Question Defies Purpose of the Census, Says CA Sec. of State

“Is this person a citizen of the United States?” That question has not been asked as part of the full, once-a-decade census since 1950.

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Thousands of Children Complained of Sexual Abuse in Immigrant Detention

Thousands of Children Complained of Sexual Abuse in Immigrant Detention

A total of 178 sexual harassment complaints elevated to the Department of Justice alleged that adult staff members sexually assaulted immigrant children in HHS custody.

The Cost of Being Queer

A new series from the podcast Nancy, “Queer Money Matters” explores how queer folks navigate an economy built for straight, cisgender people. 

Indictment and Election Loom for Israel’s Prime Minister

Israeli elections are just over a month away, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political future may be more in jeopardy now than ever before.

No Charges Against Sacramento Cops Who Killed Unarmed Black Man Last Year

The Sacramento district attorney announced this weekend that no charges would be filed against two officers who killed Stephon Clark in his grandmother’s backyard last year.


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Wealth In America: What Is It? And Who’s Got It?

Millions of college students are heading to the stage this month to collect their diploma, or to move from community college to a full time university. But for many, that transition comes with a significant financial burden. The Takeaway examines the impact debt and other financial obligations have on a person’s ability to accumulate wealth. Plus, we cover the unfolding protests in Gaza as the U.S. inaugurates its embassy in Jerusalem; and the parliamentary elections in Iraq that may catapult to victory a cleric who twice led uprisings against U.S. forces in the country.

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“Wake up. You’re a pawn.” A former skinhead’s message to the alt-right.

August 15, 2017: What drives people to join white supremacist groups? Timothy Zaal, a former skinhead and current speaker at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, weighs in. Plus, a look at Vice President Pence’s South American trip; political trouble for Benjamin Netanyahu, and musicians Taj Mahal and Keb’ Mo’ sing the blues. 

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A White House in Crisis, Inside Immigration Detention, Love Letters to Africa

May 17, 2017:

1. Comey’s Bombshell Memo Triggers Growing ‘Firestorm’ (13 min)

2. Israelis Keep a Close Eye on Trump’s Classified Intel Leak (7 min)

3. Love Letters to Africa (7 min)

4. Cholera Outbreak Hits Yemen (3 min)

5. Voices from Inside Immigration Detention 11 min

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir
America Abroad

Trump’s approach to the Middle East

As the Trump administration begins ironing out its strategy in the Middle East, America Abroad examines what may lie ahead regarding Israel, Syria, Iran, and the fight against ISIS.

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Israel: A Fragile Relationship, Food Trafficking in Venezuela, A Solo Pianist Reimagines The Dead

Coming up on today’s show: 

 On Wednesday, Secretary of State John Kerry delivered an impassioned speech from the State Department, reiterating his support for a two state solution and appearing to direct his remarks more at Israeli public opinion than the U.S. George Mitchell, President Obama’s former special envoy to the Middle East and retired Senator from Maine, shares his perspective on the history of the U.S.-Israeli relationship and what’s changing today.

Lori Lowenthal Marcus is a lawyer and the co-chair of the Jews Choose Trump organization. She lends insight into how Jewish supporters of Donald Trump are responding to the latest upheaval in U.S.-Israeli relations, and lays out her expectations for a Trump presidency.
 Dave Zirin, Sports Editor for The Nation magazine, gives a recap of the year in sports and social justice from Colin Kaepernick protests, to the failures and successes of the Olympics in Brazil, to the death of Muhammad Ali.
President Obama designated two national monuments yesterday in Utah and Nevada in an effort to preserve his green legacy before Trump takes office. While environmentalists are pleased, some elected officials oppose the measure. Vice President of Government Affairs at the National Parks Conservation Association Kristen Brengel explains.
An investigation by the Associated Press has found that the military is operating a major food trafficking scheme in a country with millions on the brink of starvation, operating illegal food markets and setting the price of goods. Hannah Dreier, Venezuela correspondent for The Associated Press, was part of that investigation. She shares what she found.
Thousands have been killed since Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte began his crackdown on drugs and drug users, but despite international condemnation, his approval ratings remain high. Reporter Aurora Almendral spent a night on patrol with the Manilla police department. She shares her experience and describes what the war on drug users and dealers looks like from the ground.
Pianist Holly Bowling has made a name for herself reinterpreting the music of Phish and The Grateful Dead for solo piano. She joins The Takeaway to talk about her new album Better Left Unsung, out this month.

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Israeli Settlements Push Ahead, The Next Step in Cyberdeterrence, The Loss of George Michael

December 27, 2016:

1. United Nations’ Resolution Condemns Israeli Settlements  (11 min)

2. George Michael: Another Music Legend Lost In 2016  (7 min)

3. Cybersecurity Experts Call for Better Cyberdeterrence  (4 min)

4. London Faces Environmental Challenges with Rising Air Pollution  (4 min)

5. The Agent Orange of Iraq and Afghanistan  (7 min)