European Union

Whose Century Is It?

Rule Britannia

Britain long ruled the waves, and many of its citizens have now voted for it to control its own borders, and make its own decisions, free of EU control. Is this about sovereignty, or identity, or something else entirely? It’s complicated, and often not in the ways you’d expect.

Whose Century Is It?

Who are ‘we’?

People have been moving around, and borders have been shifting around, for as long as there have been people. Who gets to say who belongs, and who doesn’t? Chandran Kukathas, who heads the London School of Economics’ department of government, argues that a free society should tolerate difference, and (relatively) open borders, and quit fearing Muslims as a group.

Brexit beer
Whose Century Is It?

Virtual beer and Brexit chat with European friends

When big things happen, there’s nothing like sitting down with smart friends over a beer (or coffee, or whatever), and kicking around ideas about what it all means, and where it’s all going. In this episode, host Mary Kay Magistad checks in with old friends in Dublin, London and Berlin, to see how Brexit looks from where they sit, and how it might affect their lives.

Simon Vaut
One with Farai

Europe and the World Stage

German political strategist Simon Vaut on the European Union and global politics.