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Why Are Police Called on People of Color Who Haven’t Committed a Crime?

This week, the public witnessed yet another incident of a white person calling the police on a person of color when no crime had been committed. A white Yale student called 911 on a fellow student, who was taking a nap in the campus lounge. It’s just the latest in a string of similar incidents where the police have been called for discriminatory reasons, or for no reason at all. The Takeaway looks into who is calling the police on people of color and why they’re doing so. Plus, we examine the conflicting impulses that drive what it means to be both Native and American; and we review the films you should catch (or skip) at the box office this weekend.

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The Takeaway

Can a White House in chaos handle the North Korean crisis?

August 02, 2017: The Trump Administration continues to ramp up its rhetoric on North Korea. Is military action against wise? Is it even possible? Admiral Mike Mullen, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, explains what military action against North Korea would entail. Plus, The Takeaway looks at the DOJ’s new pledge on white discrimination, the fight over asylum and sanctuary cities, and freeing juvenile offenders. 

The Takeaway

Airbnb Discrimination, A Public Defender Crisis, The Evolution of Menswear

September 09, 2016:

1. Discrimination in the Sharing Economy Goes Way Beyond Airbnb (11 min)

2. Unequal Justice: Filling in the Gaps for Public Defenders (7 min)

3. It’s Time to Take North Korea Seriously (4 min)

4. Africa’s Largest Economy Tumbles into Recession (4 min)

5. Films to Catch and Skip at the Box Office This Weekend (5 min)

6. Exploring the Evolution of Menswear (7 min)

The Takeaway

Unstoppable Trump, PTSD and Racism, Damage in Flint

May 04, 2016: 1. What’s Next for The Donald and The #NeverTrump Movement | 2. After Indiana, Is Bernie Back? | 3. The Emotional Toll of the Flint Water Crisis  | 4. Study Links Discrimination With PTSD, Mental Health Issues