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Can a White House in chaos handle the North Korean crisis?

August 02, 2017: The Trump Administration continues to ramp up its rhetoric on North Korea. Is military action against wise? Is it even possible? Admiral Mike Mullen, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, explains what military action against North Korea would entail. Plus, The Takeaway looks at the DOJ’s new pledge on white discrimination, the fight over asylum and sanctuary cities, and freeing juvenile offenders. 

The Takeaway

Memorial Day 2017: National Sacrifice and A Pledge Not to Forget

Happy Memorial Day from The Takeaway. In this special holiday episode, we’re hosting conversations about the sacrifices made in war zones, and the challenges facing veterans at home.

The Takeaway

The U.S. Attacks Syria, Police Reform Under Trump, The Value of Libraries

April 04, 2017:

1. The U.S. Attacks Syria: What’s Next (13 min)

2. Calling Airstrikes ‘Historic,’ One Syrian is Cautiously Optimistic (7 min)

3. Even in Trump Era, Baltimore Mayor Stays Steadfast on Police Reforms (6 min)

4. Reimaging Public Libraries For the Digital Age (9 min)

5. The Power of Librarians in a World of ‘Alternative Facts’ (7 min)