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Things That Go Boom will be back November 9th, and we’ll be there to hold your hand while you weep, or party, all the way to the inauguration, a coronavirus vaccine, an accidental nuclear war (?!) … and beyond.

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Things That Go Boom

Do you feel safe?

We know it’s been pretty much the craziest year, so for the first episode of Season 4, we want to hear from you about how you’re feeling. And since the show is all about the ins, outs, and what-have-yous of what keeps us safe, what we really want to know is: Do you feel safe? Why? Or why not?

Maybe, right now, you’re worried about coronavirus. Or climate change. Or maybe you’re wondering whatever happened to that North Korean nuclear weapon and… all the possible fire the fury. Tell us your story.

Record us a message using the voice app on your phone, and send it over to by this Saturday October 16. That’s

Let us listen for a change.

The Takeaway

How the Spread of COVID-19 Could Impacted the Treatment of Other Global Diseases 2020-04-20

How the Spread of COVID-19 Could Impacted the Treatment of Other Global Diseases

As the treatment of COVID-19 takes precedent throughout the world, some experts worry that other global health initiatives will fall to the wayside. 

The Pandemic is a Mass Traumatic Event

The coronavirus pandemic could leave millions of people with post-traumatic stress disorder, from first responders on the ground to those forced to quarantine at home.

Does Biden’s Climate Plan Go Far Enough To Win Over Progressives?

Biden’s climate platform was consistently ranked lower by environmental groups compared to progressive candidates. Environmentalsts are now asking Biden to shift left on climate.

In the Midst of a Global Pandemic, Tornado Outbreaks Devastate the South

Storms continue to strike the south leaving destruction in their wake.  How will they fare while also dealing with a pandemic?

Writer Jason Reynolds on Engaging Kids Through Literature from Home

As parents and guardians across the country know, it’s not always easy to keep kids engaged through online and distance learning. But writer Jason Reynolds wants to help.

The Takeaway

Podcast: Diplomats, Experts Convene in Bonn to Address Climate Change, the “Fight for Our Lives” 2019-06-19

Diplomats, Experts Convene in Bonn to Address Climate Change, the “Fight for Our Lives”

The talks follow the publishing of a report that called climate change an “existential threat” to human civilization by 2050 if it is not adequately addressed. 

How Mexican Officials are Amping Up Their Immigration Enforcement

Human rights activists see this as Mexico’s President stepping back on campaign promises.

A Look at the Juneteenth Hearing on Slavery Reparations Bill

Slavery reparations have entered the mainstream political discourse. We take a look at a congressional hearing on a bill that would move it forward.

Not All Female Athletes Play to the Male Gaze

After getting a league of their own, W.N.B.A players embrace a fashion sense of their own.

Other segments: 

Lack of Prescription Medication for Jail Inmates Tied to Suicide Deaths in Lock-Up

Increasing rates of substance abuse and decreased access to mental health treatment, have further complicated the issue that is no longer accounted for as it once was. 

Coal miner in Jhaira, India
America Abroad

After Paris: Global approaches to climate change

It’s been a year and a half since 195 countries signed a historic climate change agreement in Paris. Now, cleaner energy policies are being implemented across the globe. But the agreement alone won’t be enough to reach emissions goals.

After years of dirty development, China is reducing its reliance on coal, and embracing cleaner energy options.
Whose Century Is It?

Kicking China’s Coal Habit

After decades of dirty development, is China now on a path that could help save the planet? In important ways, it has started to move in the right direction.