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As Hurricane Florence Approaches, What About the People Forced to Stay?

As Hurricane Florence Approaches, What About the People Forced to Stay?

As millions leave their homes to avoid Hurricane Florence, many more will be forced to shelter in place, whether because of illness or disability that leaves them unable to evacuate.

DHS Uses FEMA Money to Pay for ICE’s Migrant Crackdown

Senator Jeff Merkley’s release of documents showing the transfer of funds raises questions about FEMA’s disaster preparedness as Hurricane Florence bears down on the East Coast.

“It’s About Damn Time”: Venture Capitalist Looks to Help Other Black, Queer Businesspeople

Arlan Hamilton is a rare black and queer venture capitalist, and she’s made it her mission to grant funding to startups with founders who are women, people of color, or LGBTQ.

In Afghanistan, After 17 Years of War, Violence is an Everyday Threat

In Afghanistan, the U.S. response to the September 11th attacks is still ongoing, and the threat of violence has become a daily part of life.

1985 Heist At Mexico’s National Museum Subject of New Film

“Museo,” a new film about an unbelievable museum burglary in Mexico’s capital city, stars Gael García Bernal.


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Merger Mania: Corporate Consolidations Promise Lofty Returns, Can They Deliver?

The number of major wireless carriers in America may soon go from four to three. Over the weekend, T-Mobile C.E.O. John Leger and Sprint C.E.O. Marcelo Claure announced a nearly $27-billion merger between the third and fourth largest wireless carriers in the United States. The two companies will now have to convince the Trump administration not to block their merger, which it is currently trying to do in another case being argued in court: AT&T’s $85 billion dollar planned acquisition of Time Warner. The Takeaway examines what implications that case may have for the T-Mobile-Sprint deal. Plus, we review the exclusive list of questions Special Counsel Mueller has for President Trump, leaked to The New York Times; a modern-era remake of Spike Lee’s classic, “He Got Game;” and a suicide bomb in Afghanistan’s capital that killed nine journalists.

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Wynn, Lose and Draw For the RNC

Jan. 29, 2018: Casino mogul Steve Wynn is facing allegations of sexual misconduct. How will the Republican Party, which employed him as finance chair, respond? The Takeaway explores that question, plus a conversation with Olympian Dominique Moceanu, who discusses abuse allegations at USA Gymnastics; a look at the escalating violence in Afghanistan; China’s shifting stance on recycling; reforming America’s parole and probation systems; and the stars of Comedy Central’s show “Another Period.” 

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Child Soldiers, Space Discoveries, Assault on Campus

August 25, 2016:

1. An Attack on Progress at American University in Afghanistan? (5 min)

2. Will the U.S. Turn its Back on Afghan Translators? (7 min)

3. ISIS Draws New Attention to Child Soldiers (7 min)

4. The Earth Next Door: What You Need to Know About Proxima B (4 min)

5. Zika Fight: GMO Mosquitoes Spark Calls for Referendum in Florida (7 min)

6. Liquor Bans: The Solution to Alcohol Problems on Campus? (7 min)

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Vets Push for Change as PTSD Becomes a Weapon

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Afghan Uncertainty, Space History, Big Data, Christmas Cards

December 22, 2015: 1. Afghanistan: America’s $17 Billion Boondoggle | 2. Big Data Elections: What Political Campaigns Know About You | 3. Elon Musk Makes Space History | 4. A Brief History of the Christmas Card | 5. Doctors Without Borders Director Looks Back on a Difficult Year

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Dads Behind Bars, Stolen Water, Military Families

October 19, 2015: 1. Jerusalem: A ‘Tinder Box’ in The New Israeli-Palestinian Conflict | 2. Afghans Fear a U.S. Pull Back | 3. Environmentalists Sue Over Nestlé’s Bottled Water Business | 4. With No End in Sight, Military Families Pay the Real Price in Afghanistan | 5. For Fathers Behind Bars, Child Support Becomes a Crushing Debt