Luke Sital-Singh's new single is called "Me & God."

Musician Luke Sital-Singh finds catharsis by singing a song to God

Sital-Singh, now an atheist, has released a single, "Me & God," which gets up close and personal with his faith.

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For some, the pandemic has been a period of deep contemplation.

For musician Luke Sital-Singh, who was raised in a religious home in London with parents from India and Jamaica, things got a bit  complicated. 

Sital-Singh is an atheist and his latest single, "Me & God," gets up close and personal with his faith. 

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Just as the pandemic began in early 2020, Sital-Singh left the confines of his home in London, the city where he lived his entire life, and moved to Los Angeles where, in lockdown, he had time to reflect. 

Sital-Singh said that while he's long said goodbye to religion, he still finds it interesting and cathartic to contemplate faith through his music. 

“Me and God have been talking again, but it's too soon to call us friends."

Luke Sital-Singh, "Me & God," his new single

“Me and God have been talking again, but it's too soon to call us friends,” he sings. “Me and God have been laughing again. It's always funny, reading passages. But he's still quiet at least half of the time, and I'm left with unread messages.”

The song is really Sital-Singh's conversation with himself about faith. And it may sound like a dip into depression, but it's actually an uplifting song, as he explained in a 2018 TED talk.

“I love a depressing song. You know? I've been writing them for 15 years now, and, to be honest, over that time, I've come to kind of believe that they're not really depressing at all,” he said. 

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Perhaps the contemplative song will inspire others to ponder faith. Take a listen.

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