The World's favorite albums of 2018

The World
Favorite albums of 2018

There was a lot of great music released in 2018 and we wanted to highlight our favorites.

Marco's picks: 

1. "An Island Story: Biguine, Afro Latin & Musicqui Antillaise 1960-1972"

These are newly released tracks from a little known label in Guadeloupe.

2. Monsieur Periné, "Encanto Tropical"

On this recording, Colombia's gypsy-jazz group gets poppy, in their own way. 

3. Imarhan, "Temet"

This group of Algerian Touregs rock the desert blues. 

April's picks: 

1. Angelique Kidjo, "Remain in Light"

Benin's Angelique Kidjo puts the emphasis on Afrobeat with her take on this album-length cover of a Talking Heads classic.

2. Magos Herrera & Brooklyn Rider, "Dreamers"

A Mexican-born jazz singer, teams up with a string quartet and together they pay tribute to Latin American poets and songwriters who've lived under repressive regimes. 

Brandi's picks:

1.  Rosalía, "El Mal Querer"

Spanish singer Rosalía takes flamenco to a whole new level. And, it's not without controversy. 

2. Robyn, "Honey"

In Robyn's latest release she offers sad electropop songs. This album will make you want to cry on the dance floor.

Bonus picks

Here are some additional selections from Marco this year:

1. Delgres, "Mo Jodi"

On this album you get French Guadeloupe that meets New Orleans swamp blues. 

2. Shirley Davis & the Silverbacks, "Wishes and Wants"

Listen to this an Australian protégé of the late-Sharon Jones. 

3. Orguesta Akokan, "Orquesta Akokan"

This is old school mambo recorded in Havanah by an old school mambo band from New York City. 

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