Roomful of Teeth: Around the world in eight voices

Studio 360

Roomful of Teeth is a cutting-edge, eight-person vocal ensemble that commissions and performs music of all sorts of genres and techniques from all over the world. They’ve studied yodeling, Tuvan throat singing, Sardinian cantu a tenore and Korean pansori, just to name a few! 

“We study with masters from these other singing traditions and get some degree of comfort and flexibility from those interactions,” explains founder and director Brad Wells. “And then the commissioned composers observe that process, hear what the singers are capable of and then explore, ‘Given these possibilities what might I create?’”

The group performs live in our studio and demonstrates a few of these techniques. 

You can learn more about Roomful of Teeth, including their recent releases and upcoming tour dates, on their website.

Special thanks to George Wellington of WNYC and Patrick Grant of sTRANGE mUSIC for engineering assistance.

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