Warren Buffet scraps press conference at 2012 Berkshire meeting


Warren Buffett won't hold a press conference after the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting on May 5, preferring to man the sales counter at his company jewelry store and consume calories at favorite Omaha eateries.

In past years, Buffett and executive Charlie Munger have spent up to six hours answering reporters' questions in front of 30,000-plus shareholders gathered in the city's arena, according to NBC.

Many of the questions at the meeting — dubbed the "Woodstock of capitalism" — come from foreign media focusing on investments in their own countries and asking Buffett to sign their dollar notes, the Wall Street Journal wrote.

The paper cited a recent interview in which Buffett said that he was worried about losing his voice.

And a company spokeswoman Carrie Kizer told the Associated Press that the event was being eliminated because of time constraints for the Omaha company's top two executives.

Meanwhile, according to NBC, Buffett wrote in an annual letter that he would be behind the sales counter at Berkshire's Borsheims jewelry store Sunday afternoon, "desperate to beat my sales figure from last year."

He would also play bridge in the afternoon and eat at favorite restaurants Gorat's and Piccolo's, open that day only to Berkshire shareholders. 

"Actuarial tables tell me that I can consume another 12 million calories before my death. I'm terrified at the thought of leaving any of these behind, so will be frontloading on Sunday," Buffett jokes in his letter.

Buffet, a former newspaper delivery boy, has added at least one new events at this year's meeting — a challenge to see which shareholder can throw a copy of the Omaha World Herald further than him.

The prize is a dilly bar from Dairy Queen, the ice cream company Berkshire owns.

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