VIDEO: Attempted abduction of Brittney Baxter, 7, caught on CCTV in Atlanta Walmart store


Security cameras in an Atlanta Walmart store have captured the moment a stranger tried to abduct a 7-year-old girl from under her mother’s nose.

Brittney Baxter was in the toy aisle at the Bremen supermarket on Wednesday when footage shows her being snatched by a man, with her her mother, Georgean, browsing "a few feet away," local media reported.

As she is picked up and carried away, with the would-be abductor's hand over her mouth, Baxter is seen putting up a struggle.

The man quickly drops her and rushes away.

Baxter told local network Newsnet5 she that during the ordeal, she remembered her parents telling her about "stranger danger."

"I was screaming and kicking him and he just dropped me off and ran off," she said, adding: "You try to get away and go tell somebody that you trust."

She told CBS Atlanta that said she had been "looking at Bratz [dolls] and princess stuff" when she was picked up.

Her mother, Georgean, said: "I just never would think something like that would happen in a town like this."

Cameras later captured a man getting into a car and driving away, the Huffington Post reported.

Bremen police arrested 25-year-old Thomas Andrew Woods and charged him with attempted kidnapping.

According to CBS, Woods served time in prison for a DeKalb County manslaughter conviction. He was released on probation after serving seven years of a 20-year sentence. 

As he was escorted past the media by police, a handcuffed Woods told reporters: "I didn't touch anybody. I didn't bother nobody. I was never there."

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