US jobs most worrisome among Americans: poll


A new Gallup poll reveals Americans, regardless of political affiliation, are most worried about jobs and unemployment when it comes to economic woes.

When asked what worried them most about the US economy, 26 percent of Americans named jobs and unemployment their biggest concern with another 6 percent concerned most about outsourcing of jobs, while 16 percent said the national debt. Ten percent said economic instability was their biggest worry.

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All presidential candidates for the 2012 US elections have put the economy on the forefront of their talking points as the economy will certainly continue to be an issue in the campaign months ahead.

Democrats, Republicans and Independents all worry most about jobs. Republicans and Independents are more worried about the national deficit compared to Democrats.

One in 10 Americans said political bickering and President Barack Obama’s lack of leadership are the most serious concerns.

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However, Republicans are more likely to say that Obama’s handling of the economy is their top concern compared to Democrats, who are more likely to to be worried over the role of Congress.

Interestingly, few Americans mentioned the effect of international events, like the euro zone crisis, emerging Chinese markets or the US-Iran conflict as their top economic worries.

A small 3 percent of Americans worried about inequality between the rich and poor, and corruption of power among corporations.

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