Is there a way to get anything through airport security?

The World

America’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) began deploying a controversial new method of security checks at airports in 2010 where travelers are subjected to a full body scan, displaying a partially nude image for TSA agents to check for contraband.

Jonathan Corbett, the first to sue over the use of the body scanners citing an invasion of privacy, demonstrated on his YouTube channel “tsaoutofourpants” that he was able to bring a small metallic item undetected by TSA agents by simply placing it in a pocket sewn onto his side. 

Corbett claims that the scanners are unable to detect the object because metallic images are accidently blended into the dark background of the entire scan shown to TSA agents. 

“With the metallic object in my side pocket, I enter the security line, my device goes through its own X-ray, I pass through, and exit with the object without any complaints from the TSA,” stated Corbett in the video.

Corbett’s demonstration and results have yet to be independently verified, nor has the TSA commented on potential security flaws across America’s airports due to shortcomings in the full body scanners. 

Either way, Corbett’s video is likely to cause a stir.

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